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Cops VS Civs (RP Event 11/4/2017 @ 12PM EST)

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Hello Everyone!


Just wanted to let everyone know we will be doing a little RP event today before stat wipe. I know the purge tends to get old so we are giving something else a try this month. So today we will be doing a cops VS robbers RP event, the event is simple. The civilians will spawn near East Side Gang Area while the cops will spawn near the PD base, the civilians goal is to run (yes run, there is no vehicles in this RP event) to the main airport and get into one of the two planes waiting there. While the civilians are running to the main airport the cops will be trying to taze (x26 tazers) and handcuff the civilians, once you are handcuffed you are out of the game. There are two planes at the main airport meaning two players have a chance to win, anyone who escapes will win some money for after stat wipe (the amount is a secret), if the cops manage to taze and handcuff everyone then all the cops who played will win some money for after stat wipe.



Event Rules:


  • People in Santa Suits are supervising the event, don’t fuck with them.
  • No Vehicles, I’ve disabled shops but if you somehow get a vehicle just know you will be banned.
  • No using any weapons other than the x26 tazer, again I don’t know how you would get any other weapon but just know you’ll be banned if you do.
  • No camping the airport, this rule only applies to cops, but DO NOT enter the airport unless you are chasing after a civilian. Any cops that are found to be camping the airport will be banned.

Rules are subject to change at any time, we may implement a new rule during the event to avoid aids, if this happens you’ll be notified via Rcon chat.


And that’s it, the event will start at about 12PM EST today, I’ll post updates in global chat on TeamSpeak. I’ve put a decent amount of time into making this event, it’s now 3AM and I’ve just finished making the mission and testing it, if anyone would be ever so kind to help donate to the server here it would be appreciated (need to server bills somehow).


Thank  for bring the idea to my attention!

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