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Jack Black

Future for OLRPG

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Dear Community,


As some of you are aware, OLRPG received a Cease & Desist letter from Bohemia Interactive in regards to monetization of the server (donator perks). In order to rectify this issue we must remove all forms of perks that would have been received in exchange for donations or payment, as such the donator area will be removed, as will the perks contained within; however, our developer team will be working hard to reintroduce these weapons and perks to make them available to everyone.


Please keep in mind this will take time as all of these things need to be balanced and tested! We would like to thank our player base and especially our donators for remaining loyal to us. However, for us to continue to exist this is the action we must take. You will see no decrease in fun or items, as most things will be reintroduced in a new fashion.


Now please keep in mind, this is literally the only option to keep the server up. We wouldn't do this if we had any other choice. Please don't become part of the problem.


Please keep in mind donations are still very welcome and are the only thing that keeps the server up and running. If you have any questions, please contact me on TS or the forums.




OLRPG Senior Staff.

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