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A2 Division Lead Applications

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Hello Everyone,

Quick post before I head off to my next class of the day. Division lead applications are now open! We are looking for a K-9 lead, an aviation lead, and a SWAT lead. You can submit your application here . Please keep in mind these roles do require some time commitment, not a lot, but some. Division leads will be expected to hold tryouts and trainings for their division. Along helping create a division protocol and disciplining and removing those who break that protocol.

That's about it, if you have any questions about this feel free to drop them below. Stay tuned and expect more details about the PD criminal code and PD handbook very very soon!

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13 hours ago, James Moore said:

How will the top apps be notified? TS3? Website?

TeamSpeak if available, then website PM, and if absolutely necessary email.

11 hours ago, Kevin385874 said:

What type of structure will this turn out 5o be, lead and ast lead? Or will there be supervisors and one lead

More than likely just the lead and an assistant lead if absolutely necessary.

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