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What i would suggest is when creating a gang you could select a certain color vest which would be some what different then regular vests.



(Why do you think we should add it? (Keep it short and to the point))

its very confusing when a random civ has a red vest and a gang in the area has a red vest and gets caught up in it and ends up going to jail for things they didnt do because there is no gang created just affiliation via clothing so they could end up getting shot and disarmed and what not and they lose money and what not just for being in the area at the wrong time.


(Pictures & Videos)



(If you made it, ensure nothing was stolen from another community)

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+1 Have been rolling around with some buddies, and we see someone in the same vest, and we get confused on whos friendly, and whos an enemy. Needing gangs would eliminate this, as well as an increase in RP instances where someone gets arrested, and the police officers have no idea if they have any affiliates. Gangs being needed would give a database for police to refer to.

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I feel if we just changed the rules to very clearly state "to be considered in a gang or to have affiliation with another player, all players involved must be wearing the same uniform & vest."

Very rarely are players wearing both the same uniform and vest, but just to stamp out any coincidences that may lead to this situation we should:

  • spread out clothing/vest shops
  • more importantly have more options at terror for clothing/vests (currently there is no terror clothing) because that is where most gang will be getting outfitted.

Only the uniform and vest would have to be the same, then players can have variation with glasses/hats/backpacks.

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