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Kyle $hooter

I nEeD hElP wiTh tEaMsPeAk

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15 hours ago, !Nathanial said:

Have you tried to uninstall

it and re install it?

He said he re-installed it.


5 hours ago, Stabidy said:

version should be fine. i would assume his security level is the issue


If it was security level then a pop up would come up asking them to higher the level.




Go to your TeamSpeak folder;

Program files > TeamSpeak 3 (or to where ever you installed it)

Scroll all the way down to the application "update"

Run that application.

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Don't use TS.OurLifeRPG.Net, try OurLifeRPG. We have OurLifeRPG and OLRPG registered as nicknames with TeamSpeak, this means you don't need to enter a real IP address or domain to join the server (assuming you're on a fairly new version on TeamSpeak).

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