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Jerrod Nealio

We need to do something.

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6 hours ago, Jasta said:

I agree with this, Last saturday night there was a time with 0 people on, Saturday evening around 3 people on. The server if not already dead completly will die extremly soon and at this point there really isnt a way to stop the server from dieing.

wym its dying, thats the best pop i've ever seen!

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Just now, Scorpi said:

Great I respect that, but look where we are now, we have a server that's running properly like you said, but there's no one on it.... so who is to blame here, surely not player base right? What did players do wrong besides stop playing? 

Casino - another place to rob, chop shop - cool idea, , Gus - YAAY another place to buy guns. Well maybe Island Life will always be cops and robbers because people that ran the server made it that way don't you think? There was no other way to have fun on the server throughtout the years, but to kill each other. You are right we are moving to a new fucking game and already have. That's why you have an empty server.

Again, we need suggestions on what to add. BTW, Gus wasn't just a place to buy guns...

Also, ya'll take a look at this thread. 


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2 hours ago, TheGamingChief said:

Let me make this clear, there are several people that have made this community run over the years. And guess what? I'm one of them. Without me, many things would not be possible, such as mod pack updates and general patches and security for the servers. People seem to forget that we don't run this community off a little NFO box, we spent over five thousand dollars on an actual dedicated server, that requires a lot of maintenance. The entire point of me being back here was to focus on the technical side of making sure the server was running properly.

Yes, it is very noticeable, considering the fact the old system when the community opened barely fucking worked and broke at least 2-4 times a day, which required a reason and everyone lost hours of work. Yeah because that's not important or anything.

I would like the add something here, the A2 server has had lots of changes. Examples, Casino, Chop Shop, Gus, updated airports, new stat system, new warrant system, new police computer, new vehicle skins, new player skins, new fucking a lot of other shit that I could go on and on for. But yet people claim the server is the exact same. Island Life will always be cops in robbers, if you're complaining about that you need to move onto a new fucking game.

Yes, I could totally develop new features from my phone between classes and while on break at work. And please quote those suggestions, cause honestly, I haven't seen anything other than complete trash, I could have missed it in all the aids, so feel free to quote some.

This is a really good suggestion that if possible would be very good because people would actually need to be on and use their money on stuff other then guns to kill pd. https://ourliferpg.net/index.php?/topic/12797-making-in-game-tiers/

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10 hours ago, Daniel Lee said:

This servers had its moments, it’s been great at times and bad. Multiple years strong at least, I think it’s time we would say goodbye to the server. With all due respect the project is to far gone with arma2-3. I think this community should just go to a different game completely, or  just completely disband.

you literally just sit on project life island man what the fuck do you contribute to this community

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