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Jerrod Nealio


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I really think the OLRPG servers should be added to the DZLauncher. Reasons: 80% of the ArmA 2 Community uses DZlauncher. Reason 2: I think it would bring more population to the server due to the fact that the most populated servers are always on the front page, or we can just pay to always be on the front page of the launcher. Reason 3: @Luke Shaw if this were to happen, is there a way to put the mods on dz launcher? Because I feel like alot of people that have seen OLRPG or wanted to play on here have not been able to figure out how to install the mods. (Which is obviously there fault because there is a fucking link on a video showing how to install the mods.) but if it were on DZLauncher, they would be able to just press one button and it would install the mods for them. I'm not a dev so idk if this is possible but please look into it I think it could be really great for the server.

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*get's an email from ourliferpg.net while in hospital waiting room*

Me: Oh this must be important if it bypassed all the filters I have set up to organize everything.

*looks at email*

Me: Oh, I just got tagged in a post...

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I honestly think it would be a good idea if there was NO COST ASSOCIATED. Here is the thing, people who use DZLauncher are looking to just play DayZ. They aren't scrolling the mod menu looking for an anterior server.  I like the idea but don't think it would help. 


You just have to advertise the server

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