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Jack Borne

PMC Shutdown

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To all our OLRPG Members,


As I'm sure most of you have seen a recent topic by David stating PMC is shutting down. 

We as Senior Staff have tried our hardest to work with PMC and its command. With the most recent General retiring we have decided that PMC will no longer be apart of Arma 2. I know some may not agree/like this but we have decided that it is no longer viable to keep PMC on the server.

Also we as Senior Staff have decided that PMC will not be returning on Arma 3.

If anyone has any questions please PM me.



Senior Staff

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Also, message to PMC:


I've gone through and removed your whitelisting, vehicles, and gear from your trunks you may have thought you'd get away with keeping. Gear that was not in any pmc box, but in your pmc vehicle, has been moved to another car that you have saved... Look around -- it was the best / easiest way I could do it

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