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How can we improve?: Our Responses

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We've read all of your suggestions, and we've acted. We know a lot of you want more weapons for the civilian side. While we can't just bring donor back, we can bring back some of the guns from donor, to hopefully influence more people to come on and play civ. I took it upon myself to create a sheet and get some votes on guns that were suggested in the weapon update topic created by one of our Senior Administrator's, Jack. In an hour, at the 7:00 PM EST restart, these weapons will be put into these shops, at these prices:


M4 Magpul: Ironsight at Guss for $100,000, Aim and EOTech at the Blackmarket for $120,000

TDI Kriss: Ironsight at Guss for $80,000, Aim, EOT, and RFX also at Guss for $100,000

Glock 18: At Guss for $32,000

Tec 9: At Guss for $34,000

AK-107: At Terror for $90,000

AR-10: At Terror for $300,000

RPG-7: At Terror for $400,000

FN FAL: At the Blackmarket for $300,000

VSS Vintorez: At Assassin's for $230,000


Some of these prices may be wrong, I wrote them off memory. I know some of you may consider this counteractive, but we put a lot of thought into this to ensure not too many powerful guns the cops would be opposed to being brought back were brought back. Members from our management team really want to cater to what the civs want, as we know they take up a large portion of our population – but we know the cops take up a large portion as well. With that said: guns like the Hk417 are still in debate. Regardless, someone is going to be unhappy. Although we didn't bring back the most desired gun, we're hoping that bringing back some of the few most powerful guns that were in, the FN FAL, AR-10, etc, will be gratifying enough.


-OurLife RPG Management

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Alright, so we've added some guns, but we aren't stopping there. After restart petroleum will sell for $7,500 instead of $5,450, and the weight of crude oil will be decreased from 10 to 8. That means you can make like $703,125 from one run of oil in a USEC (if I know how to do math – I probably don't – but that might be right). Before you could only make around $408,750 doing oil in a USEC. Not a huge difference, but we're hoping it encourages people to go and try it! Highway patrol has also been introduced as a sub division of patrol (supposedly). I don't know why, but I'm taking some credit and letting you all know here!


I'm getting complaints about whitelisting. If you aren't whitelisted then you either aren't on the database or you literally just got added and are being impatient. Refer to command in whatever division you're in to make sure you're on the db, and we'll get you whitelisted asap â€“ we do it very often.


Yay, changin shit, gg bois. have fun doing ur legal oils & gettin busted by highway thingies in uniform

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