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Official Response to Recent Events

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Since people seem to have gotten the wrong idea from the removal of Head Administrator McStudley, we are forced to make an official statement to address a couple of frequently mentioned thoughts on said matter.

  • His role as a “Finance Manager”

He did not support the community financially whatsoever. People seem to think that McStudley paid for the box and now that he’s gone the server is going to go down – this is not true – community members like yourselves help pay for the box. We just want to make it clear that McStudley being gone does not affect our financial status.

  • His role as a Head Administrator

A Head Administrator has set “jobs” to do – as does every member of senior staff. The jobs aren’t that majorly overwhelming, but obviously they are still expected to be done. However, in his case they would be done maybe once a month, or just not at all.

  • His in-game Behavior

A Head Administrator is expected to be the role model for all of staff, and his behavior was far from exemplary. Going on the server and proceeding to kill the cop force whilst in god mode doesn’t scream out “Good Head Admin behavior”. Please don’t proceed to mention the armed HUMVEE clip because we are not referring to that and that is most definitely not the only case of this happening. Going invisible, shift+f:ing random people, spawning in guns for others, and making others invisible do not really shout good Head Administrator behavior either. A very good example of his in-game behavior can be found in this pastebin, this shows a lot of the scripts McStudley was using on the server that were causing issues. We have compiled a document that includes the evidence for McStudley’s removal, IIVenIIomII’s demotion, and Chet Wong’s ban. This document does not have everything included for what we hope are obvious reasons.
Now we hope that you all understand why the decision was made. If you have any questions please feel free to message any member of Senior Staff.


Senior Staff Team & Garry

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