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(what is your suggestion)

1. We all know that felling if you either crash into a tree and die, or get shot. YES you lose your debitcard, I would like to sugest that when you die on civ, you dont lose your debitcard. 


2. I would also suggest a new option when robbing players. When you rob people you cant get money out of their bank, but I would like to have a thing added, when you ETC rob a civ, the civ got a debitcard on his body, then you press rob. Then you would steal 1-5% of their money on their account + their debitcard + the money they got on them.



(Why do you think we should add it keep it short and sweet)

1. Because its a pain in the ass to go grab a new debitcard, when PD and EMS keeps it when they die. And because if your in sherifftown, and you wanna buy speed 5, you can get robbed.


2. Why? Because it would be more realistic if it was this way, and then you would also get more money. Becuase a real thief would steal a debitcard, use it online or something like that and that way he would get some money.


If you got any feedback, or any other suggestion to the topic DEBITCARDS, please drop a comment.

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I support the suggestion that Debit Cards Stay with you when you die.


As far as the second suggestion, No


I wouldn't care if they stayed when you died, but then the bank really wouldn't be used except for a few times the first few days after a server wipe and for the occasional bank robbery - it'd be useless.


all in all, -1 from me

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-1, like the wise TGC once said, if civs always have debit cards, they would have no cash on them, which makes robbing pointless

And the last part

What the fuck were you thinking son?

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1. Debit cards weight 0.5kg to add a con to carrying one, if they weighed 0kg there wouldn't be a reason to not carry one.


2. Why would we do that? All that would do it is make it so all players never carry any cash, robbing people would be completely pointless.


It took me a while to find this old post, but my opinion on the matter still stands.

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