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Charlie Richardson

License Plate Recognition System

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ALRP / ANPR systems


Not to add to cars, but to add to speedcams. When someone is speeding past a camera, it flashes them, and adds a note to the drivers name.


My suggestion is to have ALRP/ANPR systems that alert police (via side chat) when a WANTED VEHICLE passes a camera, it should give a message saying something on the lines of: (No map markers - just a message containing the speedcam#, the vehicle# and possibly the display name of the vehicle?


"Vehicle [Display Name] belonging to Civ[#] Activated ALRP At Speedcam[#] - Go Investigate!"


Bear in mind I said Wanted Vehicle. Not Driver. Example:


Civ8 is wanted for murder.

Civ14 isn't wanted at all


Civ8 is driving Civ14's car - ALPR camera would not activate and won't send a message

Civ8 is driving Civ8's car - ALPR camera would activate and send a message to police

Civ14 is driving Civ8's car - ALPR camera would activate and send a message to police


Also, if this was implemented. Maybe a way to add a "Stolen Vehicle Register" so that when someone reports their car stolen, we can add their civ# to the system, and the ALPR system will activate whenever that civ# 's car is being driven by someone with a mis-matching civ# (To prevent it flagging the proper owner of a different / new car) 



In real life, there are ALPR / ANPR cameras, which do have complex algorithms and do send notifications to officers on rough locations of where they were spotted. If a wanted vehicle drives past the ALRP system, it flags it to dispatchers and is investigated by officers on the ground. I think it would add to the roleplay of the server, and maybe increase the creativity of the average criminal who plays the "They see me rollin'" song when wanted for 15 crimes past an unaware cop / camera.








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