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Major EMS Changes

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EMS is announcing some big changes. Due to command staff issues and inactivity they have decided to completely restructure EMS.


Notable Changes


Command Changes:


  • EMS will now be known as Cicada Fire and Rescue.
  • Druxus is now the new CFR Chief.
  • Isaac will become the new CFR Battalion Chief.
  • Yoshi will become the new EMS Captain.
  • Michael Jacks will remain the Fire Captain.
  • Kingremco will remain the Aviation Captain.


Other Changes:

  • All other personnel will be placed at the rank of EMT 1 for the time being.
  • EMS Command will interview members individually to fill command roles.
  • The honorary system will be removed.
  • Druxus is in the process of rewriting all SOP's and Protocol's
  • All EMS bans will be removed, everyone will have a fresh chance.



If you have any questions please contact the new command, questions can be placed on this thread and command will be doing a little Q&A here.

This is a personal note form Druxus:

"Yoshi has been a great Friend and Ally over the time I have been here and I was reluctant to take her Position. I asked her to stay multiple times and she decided to become the Captain of EMS. It was her decision."

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i would like to say ty for letting us know what going on all i know is i had my tags and whitelist removed with out being told any then by EMS command so it nice to see this post so i can see a little bit about what going on and y i was removed with out being told

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i i'm not part of the kik i was never added my white list for command box have been gone for around 5 days now


Edit whitelist been gone sic subfire been moved so may not been 5 days

When you edit your post and it's still unreadable

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Ah, i didnt know bout that cos us canadians ride to war on our polar bears and our police have horses.

LOL I have seen one PD in the US that has an un-armed apc, plus our leaders want to give PDs a lot more military gear.

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