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  1. xXGhostXx

    Your Life RPG Minecraft server

    well im going to drink a gallon of bleach after this
  2. xXGhostXx

    Rule chage 3.10

  3. xXGhostXx

    Name Change

    Wanting to change my name on the forums from xXGhostXx to Joseph Texas
  4. xXGhostXx

    Motorcycle cops?

    i've asked someone about it they said speed upgrades are not able to be used with the motorcycles maybe you could fix that
  5. xXGhostXx

    Ghost Ems - Accepted

    Yoshi Told me to just put one in so i did
  6. EMS Application 1. Your TS name (should be same as ingame) Answer:Ghost 2. What is your Player ID? Answer: 76561198149081653 3. What is your age? Answer:14 4. How far are you looking to go with in EMS. Answer:FD Supervisor 5. Are you willing to do training to become part of EMS. Answer:Yes 6. Why should we pick you over any other EMS Applicant. Answer: Cause I Was A Previous FireFighter i Was Kinda Inactive And had Some Mistakes And I Want to Rejoin 7. Are you willing to put in the time to become the best EMS. Answer:Yes 8. What can you tell us about you that will help us pick you. Answer:Well Im Always On Teamspeak So You Can Find me Please Do not not Poke or PM command staff till two days has pasted, with no response.
  7. xXGhostXx

    Unban Appeal

    Please do not comment on unban appeals unless you are involved or Sr+
  8. xXGhostXx

    My apology to the our life community

    I never liked you but you got guts to actually come clean like this,Thank You Blaze
  9. xXGhostXx

    Using More Realistic Names

    i know my names not a rp name ill change it
  10. xXGhostXx

    Using More Realistic Names

    Suggestion: (Using More Realistic Names) Why: (Probably gonna get some hate, We are starting to get new users here and there and their names are kinda ridiculous i know my names ghost that's not a RP name but names like ,Mr.Troll,Block and Ect. the're not really RP names arma 3 servers do this like at-least some have RP names) Don't get upset if i called you out i'm just trying to make a point
  11. xXGhostXx

    Help Wanted

  12. xXGhostXx

    Flyer's Auto Repair & Towing

    I Agree But If We Were To Have An Acting Chief He Must Be Of Quality And Know The Protocol And Be Mature So Remember That
  13. xXGhostXx

    Why Is Flyers Always Offline

    umm the last couple days we have been online so dont start getting salty bout us

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