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  1. Raymond Blackwell

    I dont know what to title this... Calling all devs and players?

    I personally enjoy a lot of RP. I think that creating a DOJ structure, but with some lower jail times would be great. Being jailed in a game for more than 45 minutes is excessive. But creating a DOJ system allows for defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges. Cases being tried can be an event in game. It just allows for a new aspect at OLRPG. A well-balanced economy will also be extremely beneficial. Not to throw any shade at staff, but an extremely active staff will provide a lot of benefit to the community. Get rid of the rule breakers. Also, allow for player-run businesses. This can include media stations, PMC, towing, Uber, stuff like that. Law firms too!
  2. Raymond Blackwell

    Unfuck Phase 3

    I think we really need increased RP standards. I am extremely tired of the PD getting wiped out because gangs bait.
  3. Raymond Blackwell

    Unfuck Phase 2 (Completed)

    In my lengthy time here, I greatly attribute my passion for RP to working with a great staff in PD. The one person who has consistently delivered an astronomical amount of time, work, and dedication is Foster. Sure, a vote is fair and I am sure that someone could do it well, but Foster is so well known. He does a great job. If something doesn't happen soon, this community will fall. It already has broken down drastically. The attempt made at A3 was a mess and not properly executed. It turned away a lot of people and ruined this for a lot too. bringing back A2 will repopulate this place for sure; however, the staff needs to get off their ass and decide what is happening. I am sure y'all are busy, but we need a leader/structure for PD. We need something, or else CP is better off just dumping this community and letting another member bring up YourLifeRPG. Lol.
  4. Raymond Blackwell

    The Future of Arma 2

    I believe that a community vote would be the best route. Foster has done phenomenal work, and I've been able to see a lot of it through working with him. As much as I would love to him him as the chief, a vote is what is fair. To speak on having A2 and A3, I can see some issues. Is it the same police force with ranks? Does money transfer? There is a substantial amount of grey areas and inconsistencies that worry about running both. However, having both would be amazing. I miss the good old day of the A2 server so much. I had a blast playing with everyone. Especially BG Nino. I hope that the staff can sort this all out, but I hope that A2 is here to stay for a while, unless A3 is fixed so well that I just can't resist it.
  5. Raymond Blackwell

    SD Shift report - missing a rank

    Jersh, thank you for pointing this out. I will have this fixed ASAP. Respectfully, Raymond Blackwell
  6. Raymond Blackwell

    Buddy System

    Just because you haven't been accepted into the SD for early access, doesn't mean that you won't be accepted at all. I low amount of transfers were accepted due to us not knowing what the population would look like during early access. We were extremely selective when it came to accepting transfers due to use wanting to start this new department with an extremely solid base. More transfers will be accepted later on. We are still in the process of sorting out the department and getting things running. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.
  7. Raymond Blackwell

    Steam Player ID's For Whitelisting

    My steam ID: 76561198084129082
  8. Raymond Blackwell

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: FatalHorizon New Name: Raymond Blackwell Reason For Change: To comply with Arma 3 server rules
  9. Raymond Blackwell


    +1 Daddy Fatty approved
  10. Raymond Blackwell

    Civilian Vid - CLOSE CALL

  11. Raymond Blackwell

    New vid!

  12. Raymond Blackwell

    My YouTube Channel

    Sure! Link me your channel!
  13. Raymond Blackwell

    My YouTube Channel

    Hey guys! I have been working at getting started on youtube, and I'd appreciate any support I can get! Please like and subscribe! My channel My latest vid:
  14. Raymond Blackwell

    Rule Suggestion

    I agree with this. Too often during pursuits people just drive off-road with an upgrade Taurus and makes playing miserable. It's also not accurate RP at all.

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