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  1. Nate Sherman

    Rule Suggestions

    Then wait for an update instead of being an asshat.
  2. Nate Sherman


    the point is to lessen the amount of cancer we deal. I am so tired of shooting Kevin and Jerrod. Its firefight after firefight. Why dont you people come up with cool, fun RP scenarios to do? be uber drivers, do drug deals, stuff like that
  3. Nate Sherman


    This is how it should be.
  4. Nate Sherman

    Rule Suggestions

    Selling cop firearms is extremely unrealistic.... We didn't have it on A2, so why on A3?
  5. Nate Sherman

    Rule Suggestions

    Yeah this rules sucks. Way too broad. Results in being insta shot too often.
  6. Nate Sherman

    Rule Suggestions

    No, I am talking about the large tower at the resources compound.
  7. Nate Sherman

    Rule Suggestions

    Make a rule about initiation. People should have to be given ample time or be told the consequence. Too many times I get shot because Jerrod mumbles "Out the car hands up" faster than I can take a shit in the middle of a Siege Ranked game. Its stupid. Please fix.
  8. Nate Sherman

    Rule Suggestions

    I would love to see a rule that stops people from abusing locations where they can only be shot from 1 angle and they're covering said angle. Stupid. And when they do it, they refuse to negotiate, only shoot. STOP IT PLEASE
  9. Nate Sherman

    Rule Suggestions

    I 100% disagree with this. Enough said.
  10. Nate Sherman

    Police Computer Functions

  11. Suggestion: Allow deputies to see the address or location of their house(s) of people that they look up in the computer. Also add in a function which allows deputies to make notes and/or record written warnings. Maybe even add in arrests which are automatically logged when an individual is jailed. Why: This makes the computer system much more realistic and robust. It allows for more RP with traffic stops and gives deputies more insight.
  12. Nate Sherman

    Warehouse Renting

    I disagree. It should be a typical civilian business venture, just like how it was in A2.
  13. Nate Sherman

    Dealer checks for SO

    I really like this idea. This would give CID a lot more to do for investigations. If they added more areas for processing, it would be super cool to have as a function. Great suggestion.
  14. Nate Sherman

    DOJ Implementation

    I love the idea of having a DOJ system implemented and have wanted one for a while. I think that it needs to be dumbed down though, like what @Proton said. it could be done on the forums or on google drive, either works. This would allow us to make plea deals in order to lower sentences, which will also result in less cases being handed to the DOJ. We also need to make sure that the DOJ is HANDS-OFF of the ECSO. They should have no authority of what the SO does. A bar exam would be cool, allowing people to be lawyers, however the way that lawyers do their jobs in-game will need to be appropriated for the style of this community. Make it so that upon arrest, the defendant has to serve their time, but can appeal it if they feel they were wrongly jailed. If the case with evidence gets brought to a judge (Who will be grouped with a prosecutor from the ECSO and the defendant's attorney), and the case will proceed. The key is having enough active members of DOJ. because if they're inactive, then we run into the issue where warrants aren't being signed and cases aren't being tried. This would also allow some great Civ on Civ RP. A civ could sue someone for losing his car in an accident, or something similar. This could really work, but needs to be done correctly. A lot of what I've said can be expanded on and changed, so I would love any feedback and comments.

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