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  1. Marty Hart

    We had a good run.

    Remember Azooz
  2. Marty Hart

    Good Times

    I am not posting this to be like oh let’s bring OLRPG back, I literally just wanted to share a piece of the good old days.
  3. *Small administration edit, please read the bottom post of this thread. Thanks* This entire Post above and the whole vote was the single stupidest thing that has ever occurred on this Community. All things considered I find it funny that we elect to go on a map that literally loses a vote that no one asked Senior Staff to post in the first place. Either A) Drama is just something you people enjoy and get off on or B) This is a place where we like to just play with people and let them pick something just to spit on that choice even when it's a majority vote and simply go with what you wanted in the first place. Why have a vote? Why bother? I honestly don't know and I have a right to irritated with this whole thing. The reason I am making this post is simple. I sincerely hope something as stupid as this vote above and this "situation" that this stupid vote created never ever happens again. I think we as a community, regardless of what you voted for, can agree that this vote was A) pointless and B) accomplished nothing and C) simply created drama and tension among the community, it's members, and the people's general opinion of how the OLRPG staff team handles situations such as this. Whatever happened is in the past, I hope we can all move on, but forgetting things like this is quite hard when they are so detrimental to the well being of a community and the trust we have for the community leadership to do what people elect to have. In the future if you want something done a certain way, just do it..... don't bother making "votes" and acting like it's like a situation where the Senior Staff team will honor anything the community wants. This isn't a country, its a community. If you really want something a certain way, for whatever reason, then you as Senior Staff can just do it, there's nothing forcing staff to make a vote, especially when the outcome means literally less than nothing, it's as simple as that.
  4. I love eating at The Bell

  5. Marty Hart

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    I guess it’s totally ok to go around directing people to vote for the map you want instead of letting people choose for themselves. And if you claim that it’s a free speech thing and you can say what you want then I would like you all to ask yourselves if you think it’s a conflict of interest for staff members of a community to go around telling people what they ought to vote for? This entire vote means nothing now because of the shady way it’s being conducted.
  6. How do I report someone to Jagex?

    1. Luffy San

      Luffy San

      Delete your system 32 folder

  7. Marty Hart

    Unfuck Phase 3

    We enjoy evading, pursuing, shooting, capturing, and "the cops and robbers situations". This is what Arma 2 has always been about. However, that does not mean rules shouldn't be enforced, I enjoy support cases and think that as long as Staff and PD continue to strictly enforce all standards and rules everything will be fine. However, I refuse to be forced to pretend to do stuff that I do not find fun. With that being said I would never deter anyone from role playing if they want to. The fact of the matter is that people should play the way they want to be played and we all need to acknowledge that there isn't only one way to play this game.
  8. I just wanted to say that our server is literally #14 and has been consistently rising every day on Battle Metrics and had one of the highest player counts ever today on a Tuesday of all days at 36+ players. We brought the Arma 2 Server back up on September 9th and in less than a month have consistently achieved success in gaining and retaining our old and new player base. This is an astounding success and I can't even imagine how insane this upcoming long weekend is going to be with Columbus day on Monday next week. P.S. I would suggest we get a GameTracker page as soon as possible. BattleMetrics OurLifeRPG Statistics << LINK TO BATTLEMETRICS PAGE
  9. Marty Hart

    Getting People on the Server

    I think Senior Staff should make an announcement on the OLRPG Steam group about the Arma 2 Server being up. There are over 300 Members on that Steam group, it would be huge exposure for us and would exponentially help boost awareness about the server status.
  10. Marty Hart

    Rescue The Most Wanted Man In Cicada - RP Event

    I think it went as good as one would have expected it to go. Next time I think the cops need to be controlled a little more and I think S.W.A.T. should play a direct role in protection instead of random patrol cops.
  11. What's your roleplay name?: Marty Hart How old are you?: 22 Why do you wan't to join the Sheriff's Office: I love being an Officer and think I can do some good to help the department. Why should we choose you over other applicants?: My past experience in this department. Tell us about yourself?: I am a straight forward thinker who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what needs to be done in my line of work. Anything you would like to add?: Nothing further. I [Marty Hart] declare that I meet the requirements outlined in the template post and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  12. We need something anything to get people playing. I wanted this thread to be a place for people to suggest ideas so we can hopefully find something that actually happens and works. Maybe global comp today at a specific fine, or an RP event, or a community meeting, etc. I don’t wanna miss this opportunity since the weekend is coming around and it could be the best time to get people on and then turn that into a snowball effect for the rest of the week.

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