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  1. Foster

    Department Announcement

    **UPDATE** Just so everyone is on the same page, this isn't Arma3. When playing Civilian, you are NOT considered an off duty officer. You are a completely different person, unless stated by server rules in certain instances. "Officer’s On Duty or Off Must Remain Professional at all times" refers to being Ingame as an officer or on teamspeak. What you do as a civilian is not part of this rule. -Foster Chief of Police
  2. Foster

    Department Announcement

    As most of you have noticed there have been a few suspensions lately. A major common complaint we're having is officer conduct ingame, aka unprofessionalism and disrespect. If you look at the handbook it states (Officer’s On Duty or Off Must Remain Professional at all times), with that being said failing to do so is a suspension-worthy offense. While Command does understand this is a game, and we all have friends in here you must abide by the Department rules and regulation. You CANNOT call civilians or other officers slurs or disrespectful names, or any derogatory phases. Civilians can call you names and be complete fools ingame and that is within there rights. However, as officers of this Department you are to remain professional "At all times". Remember, almost everyone ingame is recording or can record at any moment and doesn't necessarily have to be the civilian or officer your talking too. Contrary to belief, we don't take any pride in suspending officers, as not only does it make you look bad it makes us and the whole Department look bad. So with all that being said, make sure you're acting professionally at all times and following the Department rules and regulations or you will end up with a suspension or up too and including termination. -Foster Chief of Police
  3. PD High Command is always interested in new ideas to improve the department. Please post any ideas here, also make sure to include any relevant content or examples. Copy & Fill out the format below: Name: Rank: What is your suggestion: Do you have any Forms or Pictures: Once submitted a member of High Command will read your suggestion and add a response on the bottom of your post. TOPIC'S NOT TO BE DISCUSSED AS THEY WON'T HAPPEN PERIOD THE END: Corrections Bomb Squad Dispatch **COMMENTING OR REPLYING ON OTHER OFFICERS POSTS WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT UP TO AND INCLUDING TERMINATION**
  4. We will be holding a PD meeting this Sunday 9/23/18 at 2:00PM EST. This meeting will cover everything that has changed since coming back to Arma 2. Such as how divisions, certifications, ranks (if you did not see the post on the forums.) will work. Also any questions, suggestions, or concerns you may have can be addressed at this meeting. Please try and be there so you can be up to date on all the changes. Lets make this Community Great Again! Foster Chief of Police
  5. Foster

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: David Foster New Name: Foster Reason For Change: A2
  6. The following is the current status for applications for each area. Police Department: CLOSED S.W.A.T.: CLOSED C.I.D: CLOSED Internal Affairs: CLOSED Submitting an application while they are closed will result in your application being denied.
  7. Foster


    After looking at the poll results majority want things to stay the same. So I'm going to be keeping it the same. Interesting idea tho.
  8. Foster

    Important Links

    Department Documents Department Handbook Department Roster Department Criminal Code Shift Report Complaint Form Suspension Appeal Division Documents S.W.A.T. Protocol C.I.D Protocol Certification Documents FTO Manual Aviation Protocol K9 Protocol Certification Application FTO Certification Application Aviation Certification Application K9 Certification Application
  9. Foster

    Arma 2?

    Instead of arguing over inconsequential topics such as why A3 failed or jabbing at each other posts. Can we step back, then take a step in the right direction and figure out a way to save this Community from its inevitable demise. We can sit here, point fingers and talk crap all day long. But the only way this Community will survive is if we come together and make some decision to fix the current issues. So can we stop arguing and make some decisions to fix the community? The weekend is coming up, and we currently have a lot of interested old members coming back to see whats going on and relive the glory days. But all there seeing is dysfunction and no direction. This is the opportune time to make those needed decisions and set a direction before the weekend. Or you will lose the interest of those players and that will be the end.
  10. Foster

    Unfuck Phase 2 (Completed)

    I would take the position if offered. But if they don't pick someone soon regardless if it's me or not. This spike in activity and curiosity will disappear and that will be the nail in the coffin.
  11. Foster

    SD Shift report - missing a rank

    Fixed and Updated Signed, David Foster Lieutenant Human Resources (HR)
  12. Foster

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Foster New Name: David Foster Reason For Change: Arma3
  13. Foster

    The proposal to remove Luis Junior

    This isn't how you go about this. If you have an issue with how he conducts his staff duties put in a staff complaint.
  14. Foster

    Illegal Weapons Factory is a Bust.

    The factory system was before black market and is out dated. I'll be upgrading it here shortly

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