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  1. Topic Title: Adam York | 13/04/2019 | Ban Appeal Ban Appeal Template In-Game Name (and any other names used)? Answer: I haven't had a chance to join yet. Battleye GUID (you can find this by joining any BattlEye enabled server and typing "#beclient guid")? Answer: Steam Id = STEAM_0:0:90516190 Ban Message? Answer:(BattlEye: Admin Kick (Mass RDM / VDM | Perm | TheGamingCheif | Thomas Ashton)) Staff member that issued the ban? Answer: TheGamingCheif Why were you banned? Answer: It was my brother that was banned recently, he made the choice to get on a alt and vpn. This had nothing to do with me my steam id is STEAM_0:0:90516190, you can check i have played here before and do not intend to break the rules. Yesterday I was on ts under the name Adam York and still am and had my tags given to me by a staff member, I then tried to log onto the server and was greeted by the message "(BattlEye: Admin Kick (Mass RDM / VDM | Perm | TheGamingCheif | Thomas Ashton))" which was quite suprising. Me and my brother share the same IP as is why I cannot join as it is a IP ban. Anything else you should tell us? Answer: I have nothing to do with my brothers situation but please hope that you are understanding enough to unban the IP and allow me to enjoy the server.

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