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  1. Alex Schmidt

    Best Car?

  2. Alex Schmidt

    Admin Revive?

    i don't care about the audio look at the button.
  3. Alex Schmidt

    Best Car?

    there should be more German cars though.
  4. Alex Schmidt

    Best Car?

    don't the Mercedes G-Wagon go 400km+?
  5. Alex Schmidt

    Best Car?

    any good cars? which are fast
  6. Alex Schmidt

    Best Car?

    Is there a car which civs can use which is bulletproof and fast, just curious xd.
  7. Alex Schmidt

    Whats the best way of making money? (Illegal or Legal)

    Tbh Cocaine is shit, unless im doing it wrong.
  8. Alex Schmidt

    Admin Revive?

  9. Alex Schmidt

    Admin Revive?

    Bug: Admin Revive (Very short description of the bug) When you die, it sometimes gives you an Admin Revive option. Description: (Explain the bug in as much detail as possible) cant it's just a Admin Revive button which you press and it will revive you. I clicked on it because I was Curious. Media: (Pictures & Videos)
  10. Please be sure to follow all requirements listed in this thread. When submitting a request be sure to use the below template and fill out each section to it's fullest extent, failing to due so will result in a denial of your request. Title: Compensation Request - Alex Schmidt Names of those involved: None Date of Incident (EST): Sat,Feb2,2019 Item(s) Lost: Scania Truck Explain the situation causing the loss: Server got ddosed tried to re-connect back to tfr, when I did I was in the ocean, and i lost my truck. Evidence: https://youtu.be/wJwlClSRZ8U
  11. Alex Schmidt

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Alex Schmidt New Name: Alex Morozov Reason For Change: joined a mafia group/gang
  12. Alex Schmidt

    Civillian Gates require Police Keycard

    ... where do you live?? what Neighborhood?

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