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  1. John Brown

    Teamspeak Suggestion

    yeah alright I think ill be good for now I just wanted to bring some of this info to the attention of someone in staff
  2. John Brown

    Teamspeak Suggestion

    I did try messaging but It said I couldn't
  3. John Brown

    Teamspeak Suggestion

    So I haven't been here long but I have read through all the Arma 2 rules. Here goes my suggestion, been waiting in teamspeak for 10 mins and no one seems to becoming so I start to have a look around on who is available and I finally manage to find someone but then the dredded teamspeak demon comes out and goes NO you may not poke this person (at the time they were an administrator) so I start to look around a little more but there just doesn't seem to be anyone else around to poke. Any chance to make it so new people can poke at least up to admin? I get its quite a jump from helper to Administrator in chain of command but I guess these sorts of things happen in life.

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