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  1. Vadim Jackovich

    What's going on guys?

    Gov type stuff, more clothes for more tom foolery. Just some more stuff like that man, some stupid shit we can all dick around with.
  2. Vadim Jackovich

    What's going on guys?

    Theres nothing for civs to do is the biggest thing
  3. Vadim Jackovich

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Vadim Jackovich New Name: Vadim Lombari Jackovich Reason: Rebrading in RP
  4. Vadim Jackovich

    A rebrand??

    Been considering changing my last name cuz Jackovich becomes Vadim Jackoff alot and bullying me hurts </3. So Idk I want peoples opinions on this. Not gonna change the first name, cuz Vadim the OG name.
  5. Vadim Jackovich

    Jefferson houses bugged

    quick correction, two houses i own, both of which are white and have pools dont work with windows key menus
  6. Vadim Jackovich

    Jefferson houses bugged

    Across from starbucks. the white one
  7. Vadim Jackovich

    Jefferson houses bugged

    Bug: I can not access my house in Jefferson, to sell or anything Description: Windows key options doesnt work at all on the house, only having this issue with one house I own there Media: N/A
  8. Vadim Jackovich

    Surplus Military equipment

    atleast someone remembers the classics
  9. Vadim Jackovich

    Surplus Military equipment

    Incorrect, Im tryna look tacti-cool
  10. Suggestion: Add more items to terror clothing, such as old military helmets, uniforms, etc. For example: Being able to buy old soviet helmets at terror shop. Why: It can enhance roleplay, and perhaps civs can find creative ways to use these items.
  11. Vadim Jackovich

    IA Tahoe

    Bug: Ta uh-hoe! No Texture on Tahoe, its invisible Description: Self explanatory Media:
  12. Vadim Jackovich


    Suggestion: Make the apartments in North Union purchasable. Why: Adds more housing, and uses less space, its a win win for everyone. Media: Was gonna upload photo, but its too big it seems
  13. Vadim Jackovich

    IA or CID?

    Dont worry son, I will always be the leader of the department of agriculture <3
  14. Vadim Jackovich

    IA or CID?

    A lil poll that will help me decided my future.
  15. Vadim Jackovich

    Firing range

    That doesn't help now, but thanks for the input?

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