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  1. Jackel Vidov

    PSA to those who choose to open carry guns

    And you're a cop... So what's your point? I don't know what your problem is with the Vidov's but clearly, you have a tilt spot for us <3
  2. Jackel Vidov

    PSA to those who choose to open carry guns

    Boys it's okay if someone wins an argument or heated conversation, it's called life now stop acting like Children and get over it... Sure he didn't come back with a reply probably because he didn't need one or what Jorge said was bang on doesn't mean he has a low IQ... (Don't reply to this its not needed)
  3. Jackel Vidov

    PSA to those who choose to open carry guns

  4. Jackel Vidov

    Remove the GoPro rule?

    There are more than enough reasons to why it should be a thing... Keep it
  5. Jackel Vidov

    Name Change Requests

    @Luke Rijaz @TheGamingChief @Lucifer Irwin @Derek Graham When will these be updated?
  6. Jackel Vidov

    Gang System - Official Gangs

    i dunno im torn
  7. Jackel Vidov

    Gang System - Official Gangs

    Ummmmm You know this is a fucking must XD @Luke Rijaz please I'll pay for gang stuff no kidding...
  8. Jackel Vidov

    All thanks to a pannel

    https://gyazo.com/9b927d4fbc94ea8dde5020b68fcaf131?token=f8be3df21f84e998f17c97cbec54f839 https://gyazo.com/97fd226728e1ee1912346e2921a96cba Thanks Garry for this... However I am fine with the grenades been taking away I think it was unfair that our rifles did as well, we obtained them legitimately and I we should have been able to keep them, wasn't our fault you didn't delete the car. But it was fun none the less. Those nades did their job in Casino
  9. Jackel Vidov

    More vehicles.

    @Luke Rijaz
  10. Jackel Vidov

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Jackel Vidov New Name: Sharkiey Irwin Reason For Change: Because VIdov's are cancer but I still love them.
  11. Jackel Vidov

    More vehicles.

    Pretty simple really can we have more vehicles added to the game???? I just feel we are limited on what we can drive and feel more new cars are needed to spice things up a bit. Anyone else agree?
  12. Jackel Vidov

    Replace Sheriff CV

    How are replaced and needing to go different, you want it replaced with another vehicle so you do or don't want it replaced/removed whatever?
  13. Jackel Vidov

    Searching Vehicles

    +1 I have no clue how this isn't a thing, its a big must if you want to weed out all these gangs and their weapons stockpiles.
  14. Jackel Vidov

    Replace Sheriff CV

    The CVPI in arma is very much capable so I see no reason to get rid of them, I get that in the real world they are phasing them out but this is arma and they start as like lower ranked members vehicle. If they can keep up in 9/10 pursuits on the Island then why remove something that doesn't need to go?
  15. Jackel Vidov

    Keycards removal or modification

    Adam is 100% correct here. You guys make it seem like its some big problem when all you need to do is find these cops that are selling them every restart and you squash the problem in a matter of moments. The Vidovs I agree we are a bit cancer sometime's and a lot of Cops don't like us because of this keycard problem but we are just smart and playing the game so stop getting salty when we get out of Jail and find these idiot cops who are selling them to us, like IA this is your shit do something. On the other hand, I understand a lot of you liked Arma 2 and everything but you need to get out of the mindset it worked then why won't it work now. Arma 2 and its glory days are over and OLRPG needs to adapt to Arma 3 and its life and I think Senior management has been doing a good job at that so far with the exception of a few things. This is Arma 3 and the server is doing 100% better than it was last year, Life servers are still a very big thing in the Arma community and if we keep growing and trying new stuff OLRPG and the community could be like the bustling old days with more than 35 people on the server during peak. But we can't do that if we keep going back to the past.

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