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  1. Jackel Vidov

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    Michael, I didn't think you were this dumb...
  2. Jackel Vidov


    We're currently moving over to Arma 3, they are just setting the server up and getting things ready for us plebs to play on and enjoy. There isn't an exact ETA on it and I wouldn't ask as Garry and TGC are very busy IRL and sorting this out.
  3. Jackel Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    Your Mum, dad, and cousin.
  4. Jackel Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    Bruh only 99% rule breakers I'm the 1% okay... Arma 3 bitches who are you again?
  5. Jackel Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

  6. Jackel Vidov

    Medical Custody Discussion

    I believe that there should be some sort of medical custody... Instead of leaving it up to the Medics to decide whether or not someone goes to the hospital it should be up to the Officer in charge of that situation (highest ranking on scene) and if that officer believes the suspect should seek medical treatment then that officer should be the one who puts him in the patrol car and takes him to the hospital and will escort him for the medics. The big issue with how it was on the Arma 3 server before was medics taking suspects, at that time the suspects could remove all the stuff they have and they could hide it in the ambulance and organize some sort of attempted breakout with their gang members and I'm saying this from experience I always hid my weapons and stuff in the ambulance before being processed so after I was released from jail I'd go back and get all my gear without issue. It also didn't help that there were major shootouts at the hospital when gangs such as the Vidovs tried to rescue a fellow member from going to jail and even after staff was involved there was nothing done to combat major crimes in a green zone and we were getting off scot-free. I firmly believe though through experience that some form of this rule is a must so it's not a constant f**k feast and while people hate on this rule there are really good reasons to why a rule like this should be implemented into an Arma 3 Life server. Even the most autistic Altis life servers have this rule (even though no one follows it because all altis life is, is a rdm feast).
  7. Jackel Vidov

    First New Feature

    MHmmmh, I dunno for me and this is my opinion I don't think adding one thing at a time will keep the community interested. Like I totally understand what you're saying and we're limited on dev's but I'd rather wait for more than one feature to come out at a time then jump on the server for an hour use/test the one new feature go "oh cool" then jump off and not get back on.
  8. Jackel Vidov

    First New Feature

    I don't understand why you can't add more than one feature at a time instead of putting one in then another then another. I understand you want to focus on what the community wants to be implemented first but why can't you add the top 3 at once then decide to put another poll back up with other things, I know "its a start" to adding more features but for me, I don't think its enough.
  9. Jackel Vidov


    just seems like to me you were being an annoying little cunt like always...
  10. Jackel Vidov

    Update On Recent Events | And Plans Moving Forward

    We need more stuff to do as civ's so we aren't just annoying the cops every five minutes. - Federal Bank/Reserve that is out in the Ocean (Only accessible by boat or Heli) -Controllable Gang areas putting one where the castle is on one of the Islands. -More Illegal drug fields. LSD, Morphine that gangs can control. -Prison Breaks. -Gangs can hold prison for 40 minutes max -Evidence Locker. -Removing Terror and adding all terror item's to a Gang Hideout, there is no fucking point in having a place called Terror Hideout when you can't declare terror. (The longer you hold a gang area the more money you get from it... So have a flag/designated place Gangs can fight (Gang area) to take control adds more of an incentive for gangs to be friendly towards each other or not. -Adding more Vests. Revamping/adding more SOP's for both Factions (SO, EMS) Better use of the islands that surround the map.
  11. Jackel Vidov

    Update On Recent Events | And Plans Moving Forward

    Such a stupid comment... Don't drive in front of cops then, and if a cop can actively run next to your car while it's moving then I guess you're the idiot.
  12. Jackel Vidov

    Add this and all is fine.

    Your Grammar hurts Alex, you literally called the devs "Fucking useless" and you seem to be laughing about it.
  13. Jackel Vidov

    Task Force Radio Animations

    I dunno Hicks, just a useless mod really. I don't see the benefits of adding it in the server?
  14. Jackel Vidov

    Can we get motorcylces?

    The reason most Life servers don't have them is because how buggy they are, they are a Trollers best friend... We don't need that here.
  15. Jackel Vidov

    Only in Britain

    God save the Queen

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