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  1. Suggestion: Add some of the following things for civs to do. Paintball, airsoft, monster jam area, racing and make it where the winner get maybe somewhere around 5-10k. or even a shooting range where people can rent guns to shoot Why: Civs have complained that there is not much to do and these are fun things people do IRL also taking out some trees and adding these will reduce lag maybe because there are a lot of trees Media: None Download: None
  2. Aiden Reeves

    Kill Feed System

  3. Aiden Reeves

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    yeah and the owner was found to be a pedophile and practically took 200-300 dollars from me.... that is how he got his money
  4. Aiden Reeves

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    i was going to say emita but i thought no one else would like it i played on another server and it did pretty well and no glitches that i have seen
  5. Aiden Reeves

    Door Locks on cars

    when u are under the impression that u did press L and u are getting shot at...
  6. Aiden Reeves

    Door Locks on cars

    Suggestion: My suggestion is that doors on cars dont automatically lock at least for police Why: Why this is needed is because when you are in a pursuit and unlock your door because you know he is about to jump out and shoot you it should stay unlocked not lock itself causing you to get killed because you cant get out in time.
  7. Aiden Reeves


    If we are being honest.... In real life if you shoot at a cop holster your gun the police are still going to shoot yo ass till you lay on the ground and toss the gun and/or die. I think if a civ shoots at a cop and holsters the cops can still shoot the civ and boohoo if you lose your gun dont shoot cops...
  8. Aiden Reeves

    Add more cars?

  9. What's your Ingame name?: Aiden Reeves Player ID: 76561198210223064 How old are you?: 16 Why do you want to join the Police Department?: I want to join the police department because I had a lot of fun and learned things for the multiple years I played on the server before and after donator. I would like to join again because being a police officer is a passion and I would like to become a FTO again and help new people. How can you contribute to the Department?: I can contribute with my past experience and knowledge of how the department works. I resigned literally 12 hours before I was promoted to Sergeant and I would like to show you guys that i still have what it takes to train and supervise the new officers. Do you have any experience?: Yes I was a FTO Cpl 12 hours before Sgt. I am also a member of DOJ. I Aiden Reeves declare that I will follow all Department Rules/Protocols and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  10. Aiden Reeves

    Why you should turn your lights on

  11. What's your roleplay name?: Aiden R. How old are you?: 16 Why do you wan't to join the Sheriff's Office: I want to join the sheriffs office because i want to come back to my home in OLRPG. I was a Corporal with the CPD and was an excellent FTO. I am willing to hang in for the ride while we gain members and hope that you guys can see my skills and i will even go back to being a FTO. I had a lot of fun as an officer and i feel like i would be the best for the sheriffs office Why should we choose you over other applicants?: You should chose me over any other applicant because i have been roleplaying for 5 years and i am a veteran of the OLRPG community. I have never had any outstanding cases on me the most i have had was a warning from staff. I am respectful and have many areas i know. I feel as having me in the Sheriff's office will pay out. Tell us about yourself?: I have been role playing for 5 years and most have been here. I am a current member of DOJRP and i have made it to command positions multiple times. I grew up on OLRPG and i would like to come back and make more videos. Anything you would like to add?: no I Aiden Reeves declare that I meet the requirements outlined in the template post and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  12. Aiden Reeves

    New meme 2k18

    when did butters come back
  13. Aiden Reeves

    Cars and Houses


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