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  1. Ricky Bobby

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Another thing are we gonna beable to get the addons a few hours before it opens so we can just go in and play.
  2. Ricky Bobby

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    i don't get how you say this, no one ruin'd the community the lack of people did and mostly it was because cops were all being crybabys and shit and leaving after they lose a gun fight, Almost everytime i got into a fire fight with the pd they leave and goto admins/staff and cry because they lost and try to get somone els ban over nothing cops legit dont got nothing to lose. civs on the other hand die and lose there gun cops different story only thing u lost MAYBE is your car. Remember guys its only a game.
  3. Ricky Bobby

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Lmao @Jerrod Nealio btw @TheGamingChiefWhen do u believe the arma 2 server is going to open up?
  4. Ricky Bobby

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    i mean it looks good but u do know people can just afk to get the rank right ? or are u gonna make sure u cant do that?
  5. Ricky Bobby

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    lmao jerrod your a dick HAHAA
  6. Ricky Bobby

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    i do like arma2 and would LOVE for it to come back but my thoughts is there needs to be more time put into it by the devs(even if its adding somthing little every 2-3 weeks)we the players do like a2 and if u did open it back up and do not do any development to it, it is gonna die within the month its open. my option is the devs should put time into the server and make people want to say because lets all be honest arma2 is a very old old game but still very fun, another thing is the ratio there should be NO ratio u gotta think in real life the cops are always gonna over power the civs having a 1:1 ratio just fucks everything up and most cops just get off. Also adding gang bases or gang hideouts, for the most elite gangs but have rules so they cannot be overpowered. anyway thats my option on a2 i would love to see it come back and hope it dose anyway good luck
  7. What's your roleplay name?: Ricky Bobby How old are you?: 18 Why do you wan't to join the Sheriff's Office: Because i was in the pd awhile back. also i know alot of the handbook,map,10codes so i think ill be perfect for the sheriffs department Why should we choose you over other applicants?: well like i said i was in the pd before. i gotten the rank cpl before the server shut down. So i think i know more then other applicants because i have more experience in the field Tell us about yourself?: Well im ricky i was in the pd before as the rank of cpl i played almost everyday and really loved the server. Anything you would like to add?: Nope I Ricky Bobby declare that I meet the requirements outlined in the template post and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  8. Ricky Bobby

    Shout Box

    Wow u really come on the forms. Thought u would have better stuff to be doing.
  9. Ricky Bobby

    Stuck on the island

    Just respawn
  10. Ricky Bobby

    Early Access Release | Information

  11. Ricky Bobby

    When is it comming?

    i guess so we can get on the server without the mods he said he was gonna put them out last night....
  12. Ricky Bobby

    Mods Download?

    yo wheres the mod download at? so i can download a few Gigs of mods
  13. Ricky Bobby

    Low Detail Mode (Grass + View Distance)

    hey anything helps
  14. Ricky Bobby

    Low Detail Mode (Grass + View Distance)

    i got a fix GET A BETTER PC
  15. Ricky Bobby

    Mods Download?

    10-20 maybe even 30

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