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  1. I was gonna put this into the chat box but I think that it might have been too big Roleplay would make the server rise form the grave but if people were willing to do something of what was interesting then we might have something. Think of it I know Kevin isn't the biggest advocator for a roleplay situation but if civs did something that they enjoyed and also the cops would have fun with it. Ok, Keven referring to your comment " if taking hostages and negotiating is good RP then I must be good at roleplay". Yes taking a hostage and roleplaying it very well like roleplaying to torcher the hostage or even taking a large group of hostages and making them battle against one another. As you see its fun for the hostage/hostages as they are having fun and also for the hostage taker/takers as they get to be creative. The shit of taking a hostage to simply not talk to him and then demand $250k for a hostage is boring. Or for another example that is still crime related gangs. gang wars turf wars and a drug war. One of its fun for the gangs as they would be getting into fair gunfights and also would be good for the police as they would have to control the drugs within the county. But this would crash with server rules stating that people cannot clam parts of the map. Another thing I think that would have to change is the police attitude towards civs doing stuff. If a civ is speeding the police should be more lenient and so aggressive I know that the server is American based but the police being so eager to shut everything that civs do down so fast should not be allowed. If a civ is willing to roleplay then a cop should be able to give the same back. In the case of a gas station, alarm going off the cops should not pull up in full Terminator mode they should be able to asses the scene from afar and make the judgment if a hard response is necessary. Also, I know that this post will probably become an AIDS fest but please try to give constructive comments not just. "This will never work". Yes, the player base of the community may be 14 to 21 or even 22 but for the love of god, I've played on communities that have had lower playerbase than that and had more roleplay than what I've had on this server.
  2. Corrie Healy


    Nate if I could just quickly quote a few people that know the community like the back of there hand
  3. Corrie Healy


    Ok I don't think that I have ever used thextensively the words fucking stupid to any of your ideas. But I think that there may still be a boot up your ass that you for got to remove. If you would like to return it please mail it to the Criminal Investigation Division main office. And on your point of less gunfights = less fun yes maybe for the people on the server that use it as an American takistan server. But do correct me if I'm wrong. In the name of the community it does say RPG now that may mean rocket propelled grenade. But the last time I asked TGC for the abriviation on what it ment he said ROLE PLAYING GAME. So I do believe that people that download the mods expect some form of roleplay. Also very suspicious how during a meeting you agreed with everything I said. And all of a sudden what I say is fucking stupid how about if you notingconstructive to say don't post something that adds nothing to the argument
  4. Corrie Healy


    What I'm saying is if someone initiates on your gang member he could counter initiate by saying if you do anything to me i do have friends in the area that will kill you. As simple as that. And the part of you can initiate for yourself but your friend would have informed the cops prior that you and multiple members of the gang that he is in will attack any coos that follow him so there will be no need for you to initiate for you involment with in the situation. Also the pure reason for this rule would be for there to be lesser gunfights. I understand that it might be highly hated
  5. +1 id say add rangefinders to the cop store and add binoculars to the civ stores
  6. Corrie Healy


    I think that this would cut back on the number of gunfights that happen on the server. I understand that not many people will agree with it but I think that it would be a good rule to add. As it will force gangs and cops to inform one another that there are people in the area.
  7. Corrie Healy


    Not being bad but your wording here actually made me very confused. If I could just simplify what I mean. If you initiate on someone by saying hands up or die you have initiated for yourself. Meaning your gang that is in the area out of that person's sight may not fire at him. But if you were to say hands up or die I have friends in the area that will shoot you or along that line. Your gang had free will to shoot them.
  8. Suggestion: A new initiation system to be implemented that will involve having to initiate for friends and allies within the area. And also for the current rule to be reworked that you must state what will happen if the person does not comply with your orders/demands that are given to him. E.G Stop and place your hands on your head or I'm gonna kill you. Why: I feel that the current rules are more favored towards the Arma 2 server rather than the Arma 3 server as the current initiation rule stats You must initiate on the person you are trying to rob by giving them a command stating you are robbing them such as "Put your hands on your head! This is a robbery!". After initiation, you must give at least 5 seconds for them to comply to your reasonable commands. If the person you are robbing tries to evade (i.e. driving or running away) then you may shoot the person. Also, I find that a lot of gangs tend to say to cops leave or die but they don't initiate for there friend that area in the area.
  9. Corrie Healy

    Warehouse Renting

  10. Corrie Healy

    Arma 3 life Characters

  11. Corrie Healy

    Weed a bigger reward

    +1 I don't see why doing diamond should be more than weed or any drug for that reason. If something is a bigger risk then it should be a bigger reward my opinion
  12. Corrie Healy


    - 1 most people forget to turn it on
  13. Corrie Healy

    Unmarked Everywhere

    I don't see the point in your comment if you are attempting to make a joke out of it you have failed my friend. The point of my comment was that CID has a reason to be in unmarked cars are they are tasked to be incognito on the streets of Erie County not in big marked cars that give the game away from the get-go. As IA just want to drive around in a black unmarked charger when they actually have no reason to.
  14. Corrie Healy

    Unmarked Everywhere

    I think that IA should have IA marked cars as they aren't the detectives they are agents the investigate police officers

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