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  1. Jared

    Medical Custody Discussion

    god no
  2. Jared

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

    Cant wait >:)
  3. Jared

    We need to do something.

  4. Jared

    We need to do something.

    @TheGamingChief Well I think this thread is a good plce to start! Seems like a lot of people have expressed their opinions.
  5. Jared

    We need to do something.

    @TheGamingChiefSo what exactly is the plan moving forward? Are we just going to ride out Arma 2 till it dies? Or is it possible to give A3 another shot in a different way? Im sure there are plenty of people more than willing to help
  6. Jared


    Younes im glad you are taking an initiative to improve yourself as a person. Looking forward to see the new younesboy!
  7. Jared

    We need to do something.

    Remember when TGC talk about stupid suggestions. Yea this post is all of them
  8. Jared

    We need to do something.

    @TheGamingChief I mean we should keep the same exact rules and in game mechanics (Timers, how simple it is to make money, 6 man gangs) from arma 2 and bring them to A3. The issue with A3 life servers is that people got to carried away and added all this bullshit into the server to make it difficult for people to do things. Permanent gangs is an awful idea. This doesn’t mean you cant add other things to increase role play. Like new jobs and stuff but as I said before we should always keep the core gameplay the same. The way I see it is that the server already is super organized (PD, EMS, Rules, Staff, pls no more charlie as sheriff) and new players are going to love that off the bat if we move to A3 the “OLRPG” way. If you go on A3 now server wise it doesn’t have a lot to offer. OLRPG can be the server that sets the example on how life servers should be played. It will also give some long time Arma life players some nostalgia and that’s always good.
  9. Jared

    We need to do something.

    Okay I see. Now what about a map with a similar size and an arma 2 play style? Also instead of just the team you guys have now maybe we could reach out to everyone whos still active in the community and see who is willing to help. Im sure theres people who have something to offer that you guys can benefit off of
  10. Jared

    We need to do something.

    @TheGamingChief 15 GB today i feel is nothing for ArmA players especially. they pack their folder with addons anyway. Do you think if we had people willing to brush up cicada and try it arma 2 style we can give amra 3 another shot? I dont see a problem with not trying at this point. Then again i also dont know every behind the scenes detail.
  11. Jared

    We need to do something.

    I love how the people who contstantly say there should be more roleplay in the server dont contribute to it at all on Civ or sit and do nothing on ems because they cant get a cop slot
  12. Jared

    We need to do something.

    Or somehow get people to realize that there still is an active arma 2 community life server out there.
  13. Jared

    We need to do something.

    I feel like if it was Arma 3 Cicada same rules same everything it be fun. The way the arma 2 server is setup is fun it just has no way of getting new players because its an old game.

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