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  1. Roleplay, honestly not the biggest part of this server.
  2. Back to ya'all saying "we will not be cancer and only shoot cops if needed" I was on for 10 min, and I had to get in two shootouts with ya'all. Like cmon, doesnt seem like you want rp, just a lot of ppl together to kill cops.
  3. -1 Seems like ya'all are just gonna troll around.
  4. I was trying to make a point saying that the gopro is only 150 dollars ingame, and it's legit 3 click to use. Then yeah someone could smash your gopro, but you could have 2 gopro.
  5. I don't understand why this hasn't been locked yet. In my opinion, it should stay, because you literally have to spend 150 dollars ingame, open your virtual inventory hit gopro, and use. THATS it.
  6. Name: Kasper Lostic Rank: Sergeant Suggestion #1 What is your suggestion: Adding back a reward/medal system. Why: So we can reward the people who do good within the PD, and so people will do their best to get a medal. Do you have any Forms or Pictures: n/a At this point in time it is not a priority - Jack Borne Suggestion #2 What is your suggestion: Adding back the supervisor evaluation form. Why: So PD command can keep track of what officer do good, and what do bad. Could help to get people promoted, as currently Cpl, Sgt have to approach command to put in a promo request. Do you have any Forms or Pictures: n/a This may be looked into - Jack Borne
  7. Name: Kasper Saagaard Rank: Sergeant What is your suggestion: Add the ford explore as a slicktop version for FTO's Do you have any Forms or Pictures: N/A Will be discussed - Jack Borne
  8. Name:Kasper Lostic Rank: Sergeant What is your suggestion: Adding a rule that requires you to have your Heavy duty vest, in your trunk of your vehicle at any time, unless there is a current highthreat situration. Also needing you rifle/primary firearm to be in your vehicle or your duty belt, unless there is a high threat going on. Also requireing all deputy's to carry a pistol at all times. Reasoning: Lately I have been doing a challeange with myself, and that challeange was to do what my suggestion is. Because realistcially no officer would at all time carry a heavy duty vest + carry your rifel on you back. I have already myself seen some results. Whenever I were to talk to a civilian within my high threat vest on, they were to say "why do you have that big vest, and big gun on your bag." and I would simply reply, because i'm allowed to. That doesnt really make any sence, does it? Now when i'm in my protecter vest, with no gun out, I dont hear that anymore, I actully have been talking to people, like I havenever been talking to them before. I think this would add some better roleplay, than we have right now. Do you have any Forms or Pictures: N/A In all honesty I'm doubtful we will ever ENFORCE such a rule. If Deputies wish to engage in such roleplay then they are welcome to, but by enforcing it we would most likely be putting deputies at risk due to the high crime rate. While I do encourage this type of roleplay, I don't think we will ever require it. - Jack Borne
  9. I know I'm not supposed to comment on this but... What do you think would happen here? The truck is taller than the garage, but you go "fuck it" and still spawn it. You know it doesn't spawn outside on the concrete slab in front of the garage. There are truck vehicle retrievers for a reason.
  10. True, but I would just like a bit more than that, maybe from 2h, to 3h. aswell
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