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  1. younesboy8

    The Return

    Lol whe gone to A3 boii
  2. younesboy8

    OurLifeRpg Future

    I Dindt now that, I think whe should focus on this comunity, And i think staff and devs doing a good Job making the server for arma 3, But I dont think this server died, Because arma 2, There are several reasons, I also dont think that is Staff or devs fault, There are several other factors, Much respect for staff and devs puting so much effort, And accepting members there opinion, There are always more then 1 roads to Rome, There Will be more options for OurLifeRpg in my eyes
  3. younesboy8

    OurLifeRpg Future

    Tbh The Arma 3 Modded Life servers Are dead, I have read it from sites and also vids, I do think If OurlifeRpg, Moves to arma 3 it wont get the server populated, But i do think if we use cicada and Make the server cops vs robbers, The server Has a chance, Iknow Cicada is a hard map But if whe spend some time in it, And Make in one time a good step it would be good for ourliferpg if we gone move to fast without a plan b and c, The server wont last long, Truely I have so much respect what staff does in the past and now, Also much respect to the devs, We should move with backup plans so this wouldn't be fatal for the comunity, This is one of the best server Bohemia could ever get, It would be very sad if this comunity dies, It feels very weird that the past weeks also in the weekends the server was dead, Some times 15 people pop up, But after 1/2 hours it dies, I hope this would not happen in Arma 3 But we Shouldn’t hope we as a community should make a plan for the future, I Hope this meeting is gone work out very well ... also here is a video where One of the most biggest Arma 3 youtubers tells why and how arma 3 modded life is dead: Also dont mind my grammer please. I also wanne mention wat jester posted a couple a day ago, I do think that true, Arma 2 Is beter for Life servers, Also i Believe that there is still live in arma 2, And I Also think we still can populate the server, We just have to do it as a community. @Jester
  4. I wish the arma 2 server cloud stay because the rp and more whit jerrod yts and chet Wong very good times
  5. My vote stays for. Arma 2, i do think Whe can use Some New things on arma 2, I do really respect all staff member they Made this game how it is now. Nice things going on this server
  6. younesboy8


    I do see your Point, also i have no problem if you lock it, This post whas not only to tell people iam changing my behavior, But this also to mention that I am very sorry if i disrespected Sombody in the best, For these people iam making a apologize , Dont mention my grammer and i totaly understand you goaty
  7. younesboy8


    I am very happy to see there are Some people who willing, to give me a Nice comment, I am very sorry if i disrespect you in the past, My behavior is changed.
  8. younesboy8


    Micheal jacks, I am very sorry for disrespecting you in the past, My behavior is changed.
  9. younesboy8


    Thanks for accepting my appologize, You will see my behavior change.
  10. younesboy8


    Iam not gone set a statement, You got a 5 min ban so that shows who whas wrong, And if you felt hurt dont please include my mom first the next time and telling me that iam from a shitty 3 world country, You started this, I would be banned if i whas wrong but it whas you who got banned, I am not gone respond on this and still I am very sorry for all other member for my behavior in the past included staff
  11. younesboy8


    I am very sorry if i disrespected you in the past , My behavior is changed, Thanks for giving your opinion
  12. younesboy8


    This is not meant to cause AIDS, but to offer my exuces. For all members, I'm sorry how I acted, Sorry if I've offended someone this was certainly not my intention, I'm going to change my behavior in Game and Team speak, This will not happen again, I'm very sorry to have you disturbed, Sorry staff for disturbing you too, it was certainly not my intention to disturb you, You are going to notice my improvements soon, Thank you for reading and once again sorry how I have behaved.
  13. younesboy8

    Esu qeustion

    How long does C.F.D ban tag last?
  14. younesboy8

    C.F.D Totaly Abuse.

    Thats true @Kevin385874
  15. younesboy8

    C.F.D Totaly Abuse.

    Lmao Esu high command stil retard.

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