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  1. responding to my, player report I waited two months cause everyone in support wouldn't help me and I quit the server after hitting 15 mill so many times I just got bored, and had no one to play with so I just saw that video like, yoink i'll report em' now, and yeah.

  2. Please be sure to follow all requirements listed in this thread. When submitting a report be sure to use the below template and fill out each section to it's fullest extent, failing to due so will result in your report being dismissed. Title: Player Report - Reported Person RP Name Date of Incident: OCT 19 2018 Players Involved and Roles: Perpetrator aidan moresi Perpetrator jerrod moresi Perpetrator winter Victim Ryan M Victim Ayser Macster Rule(s) Broken: RDM X2? Stealing ems vehicle x2 Did you attempt to report the incident via TeamSpeak support: Yes, around 90 times. Evidence Gathered: Situation: Its three clips, cause I used fraps same reason as you can't hear my voice, start of video is them saying random shit how I don't know rules, than it'll show them pulling me out of my ems vehicle in a green zone, than driving off in my vehicle, than another clip shows me running to revive a cop, he shoots the cop after I revived him while I'm in animation and than when I go to stop to revive to get up, he kills me. the person who stole ambulance was winters, aidan moresi was one who rpged me, and the dude who yoinked me out of ambo is jerrod moresi, ironic how they say I don't know rules, yet broke a lot, by the way why I didn't go out and revive when they stole my ambulance was It was still active, and clearly I can't go in a active fire fight and pretty sure I can't enter one for a while after the fire fight? but still, dude who got killed pretty sure was moresi and they were still shooting cops, If you have any questions or do not understand how to submit a report please contact a member of staff.
  3. ay, chief long time no see brian deadpool

  4. What's your Ingame name?: Ayser Macster Player ID: 76561197965429702 How old are you?: 15 Why do you want to join the Police Department?: How can you contribute to the Department?: activeness, and always being on and patrolling the streets and stoppin' crime no matter what the time of day is. Do you have any experience?: Yes, I use to be CPD back then I [Ayser Macster] declare that I will follow all Department Rules/Protocols and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  5. Bob Ceno

    Community Meeting | 5/12/18

    send me it to cause I'll be out of town to lmao
  6. Un Ban Appeal Template In-Game Name (And And Any Other Names You Used): ... Bob Ceno Battleye GUID (To Find Join A Battleye Enabled Server And Type "#beclient guid"): ... I seem not able to get this to work? Ban Message: ... "RUDE ASS" Admin That Banned You: ... Yoshi & CP3088 Why Where You Banned: ... Threating to leak a exploit Any Thing Else You Should Tell Us: ... I'm honestly sorry for trying to use it as the developer has made this exploit i was honestly mad after yoshi temp banned me for nothing cause i was legit in middle of ingame rp so i've went in a very inmature route i shouldn't have that one i knew the exploit didn't work but i've got very angry and i've tried to lever my way out of the perma by then using lans i'm honestly sorry and pray i'd be granted another chance in this amazing community as this was my first offence i'd also love if i'd be able to make a apology to lans for trying to use him.
  7. Bob Ceno

    bob ceno

    Un Ban Appeal Template In-Game Name (And And Any Other Names You Used): ... It's bob ceno. Battleye GUID (To Find Join A Battleye Enabled Server And Type "#beclient guid"): ... I can't find this but i've got banned threw the team speak 3 and it auto banned me ingame. Ban Message: ... "DU Admin That Banned You: ... CP3088 Why Where You Banned: ... I've got banned cause i messaged jman threating to leak a private exploit Any Thing Else You Should Tell Us: ... I'm honestly dead sorry I didn't mean to threaten the the server by threating to leak a exploit to staff.
  8. Bob Ceno

    Un Ban APPEAL

    Un Ban Appeal Template In-Game Name (And And Any Other Names You Used): ... Bob Ceno. Battleye GUID (To Find Join A Battleye Enabled Server And Type "#beclient guid"): ... Ban Message: ... "RUDE ASS" Admin That Banned You: ... Yoshi & CP Why Where You Banned: ... i've threaten to leak a exploit Any Thing Else You Should Tell Us: ... i'm honestly sorry but i only threaten to leak it to staff i can show my hole dms
  9. Bob Ceno

    false ban read

    I'll assume nothing might be done but most likeloy nothing will be as cp already stated "i'm cancerous" and i should "kill my self"
  10. Bob Ceno

    false ban read

    i'm, looking threw a 13 hour video in a min but if ya'll can recongize his voice i have over 1/2 audio recording of lansing and im trying to loook threw the video after i format it. and i get it off my flash drive
  11. Bob Ceno

    false ban read

    I know but i didn't threaten it was tkaen out of context i've legit said ILL GIVE TO ALL STAFF... and gave dman the link and it was a exploit made and code gaven to the person by your dev and not thegamingchief
  12. Bob Ceno

    I'll miss all bye.

    I've started back in 2016 when i didn't have the best computer and faced a forum ban in 2016 for a unknown reason never was told. I've got unban'd but decided to restart over again under name bob ceno I've got in police ems and such more i've built a custom computer to just play ourliferpg and donated a lot of money to support the server i've recently got temp banned in ts3 for a invalid reason so i've fought back by leaking the devs and there hidden secret private exploit giving it to ashton and dman both staff who were in team speak 3 with cp but one of them taken it out of context acting like im giving everyone a free private exploit when that isn't true i'd feel free to screen share all my dms on steam and discord but i even have audio and might have video of lansing giving away code but rather then cp listening are carrying i've got perma ban'd and never spoken to nor staff would help me get in direct contact with him so after a year and helping the server and more even being a person who had over 100 videos and more on the servver if reading this cp i've deleted all my videos just for you so i'm not associated with the server i'm sad this had to go down like this but bye I'll miss my good old pal jack hallowns and brian deadpool the most it was a great run and fun but i guess i'll be forced to move on... bye everyone have a wonderful rest of the year... if you do want to contact me cp Discord - Volcan#8660 Email - Blastbaja8@gmail.com\ Steam - SteamCommunity/id/DankVolcan
  13. Bob Ceno

    Nino's and sam's Transport Now hiring

    I got perma ban'd sadly for not a good reason but nothing i CAN do it was fun but yeah take me off the roster it was fun guys
  14. Bob Ceno

    false ban read


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