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  1. Bob Ceno

    Kevin being Kevin

    AHAHHAHAHA I wonder where else where there is a situation you are on top of other men.
  2. Bob Ceno

    Weed a bigger reward

    sorry papa
  3. Bob Ceno

    Bob Ceno | 2/1/2019 | Ban Appeal

    I also think a poll should made where the community votes, if decided I won't be unbanned as everyone except matt, I talked to believes it was unjustice, and false.
  4. Bob Ceno

    Bob Ceno | 2/1/2019 | Ban Appeal

    he also waited, almost 19 hours to report me, when he was on multi times same as she was way before I was reported, as I feel if it was urgent etc. they'd of reported it sooner, and none of the times it was being hit off.
  5. Bob Ceno

    Bob Ceno | 2/1/2019 | Ban Appeal

    I also feel as, senior staff mat, should not be able to touch this appeal as he seemed very bias and quick to rush things which happened to give me a false two week, which was later reverted to a week, and everything before deciding should determine next time with me, so I can defend myself and not a auto higher ban time etc / decline
  6. Bob Ceno

    Bob Ceno | 2/1/2019 | Ban Appeal

    It'd be easier to go over this all via discord, Volcan#8847 showing dms explaining showing my side etc instead of pasting 100 screen shots.
  7. Bob Ceno

    Bob Ceno | 2/1/2019 | Ban Appeal

    In-Game Name (and any other names used)? Answer: Bob Ceno Battleye GUID (you can find this by joining any BattlEye enabled server and typing "#beclient guid")? Answer: Ban Message? Answer: <16:52:07> You were banned for 7 days from the server by "Corpsman_Graham" (Player Harassment | 1 Week | Corpsman_Graham | Bob Ceno) Staff member that issued the ban? Answer: Corpsman_Graham Why were you banned? Answer: I, was on late and was joking around with my friend and his girlfriend very clearly joking, tino understood and even was laughing from team speak 3, and even in-game, he later got angry at me, than the next day at around 5 a clock, he talked in support and got me banned, I was banned in-game and didn't get a chance to defend myself, I was dragged in after they where gone, so It was one sided, and very very disappointed in the staff team over such. Anything else you should tell us? Answer: andy who's both of are friends, prolly can vouch for me we all where fucking arnd the discord messages prove it, the in game proves it, his responses prove it oh and why wait over a day? I was reported at five? when he was on way earlier when I said that shit at like 8 or 10 pm why wait like 20 hours ya' know. also when we were fucking in game me threatening to mug her etc and all that he said i was a legend fishy 29:12 in the video we were all fucking arnd fun and laughs 31:40 33:30 etc was clearly on the team speak 3 I was joking, I'm also disappointed my privacy was breached, and they had my entire discord chat with him team viewed, but they won't team view kim, to see hers and tinos direct messages from the day I was reported, to see if they where actually harassed and see what happened, as they both knew it was joking. 32:35 we where clearly joking around ingame than the discord messages should prove I was joking, and he agreed with such.
  8. Bob Ceno

    Weed a bigger reward

    -1, grow a dick and do meth pussy. love bob.
  9. great user, is a weeb, and informed me that slavery is bad. +1

  10. Bob Ceno

    Debit Cards

    + another 1-2m I have to give to my gang to get gear and homes./
  11. Bob Ceno

    Debit Cards

    I paid a kid 1.5m for a house right next to drug proccess I paid like 1m in a shit load of police guns and stuff wink than bought another big house + pots and windows than the 10 ferraris, I bought a few f12 those are nice, than bailed a few time and tickets I got for speeding, I spent at least a solid 10m-12m in a single day 4head
  12. Bob Ceno

    Debit Cards

    lmao, Is it sad I grinded so much I was able to buy like 10 ferraris [500k] and just get into chases cause I'm bored as fuck and launch it like far into the ocean 4head great memes but yeah, I'd hate to buy another and have to pay like fucking more than 500k 4head
  13. Bob Ceno

    Debit Cards

    Kevin, holy fuck 60^ is a lot it should be like 3-9 lmao you silly desyncing ems you
  14. Bob Ceno

    Debit Cards

    do 99% tax
  15. Bob Ceno

    Debit Cards


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