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  1. Jack Borne

    Good Times

    *autistic screeching*
  2. Jack Borne

    F in the chat bois, :(

    This is why you don't challenge the master
  3. Jack Borne

    Just found this again

    You dun fucked up buckaroo
  4. Jack Borne

    Jefferson houses bugged

    Which one is your house?
  5. Jack Borne

    15 Slicktop Sheriff Dodge Charger

    This is a feature not a bug. Only patrol vehicles have all blue. Divisions (or in this case the FTO cert) have red and blue lights.
  6. Jack Borne

    Michael Vidov | 09/02/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Under Review
  7. Jack Borne

    Healing Animationn

    Moved to Suggestions
  8. Jack Borne

    Reduce Gang Establishing Cost

  9. Jack Borne

    Vests (Gang)

    Police already do have a database on gangs dont you worry @Luc Bouchard
  10. Jack Borne

    Thank you Senior Staff and Devs

    Not gonna lie... The notification that popped up all I saw was 'Senior Staff and Devs' and I've gone ahhhh fuck. A welcome change <3
  11. Jack Borne

    Gang System - Official Gangs

    gang unit intensifies
  12. Jack Borne

    Foster is a Child Predator (allegedly)

    So you bored him into a confession?
  13. Jack Borne


    There is? For about the last hour of the uptime it’s dark
  14. Jack Borne


    @Luke Rijaz this possible?
  15. Jack Borne

    Tejay Rogue | 1/20/19 | Ban Appeal

    Senior Staff has decided to grant you another chance. If anymore similar issues arise your ban will be reinstated. Please contact me if you're unable to connect to the server Unbanned

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