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  1. We all had favorite things to do. "Hey, let's get some guns and go do hostage!" or "Let's break our buddy outta prison!". My personal favorite was being on Cop Side and having a gang attack the prison and we would have to defend the jail like a castle defending from invaders. They were good memories. What was your favorite thing to do back in the Day?
  2. Titus2727

    We had a good run.

    I know I've been gone for a few months, but damn I'm going to miss this community. I joined back in RLRPG way back in like 2014, and it's safe to say that I spent all my time on the server back then. From late middle school to starting college this place was the best place to spend time with my friends, get a few laughs and waste some time. I know it's not "gone", but I will miss it the way it was. All good things must come to an end, but ill never forget this community and the joy it brought me.
  3. Titus2727

    Rule Enforcement

    I don't know if they will or not but it does seem like a decent, possible, and sensible solutuon to this mess. Add in a holster delay. Not all the time, but we see plenty of DayZ servers that add a combat system where you can't log off in combat. I'm sure we can find something to make it to where you can't holster a weapon in combat. (I.e. you've reacently fired your weapon) But then again I know someone Is going to think this is dumb because some reason then they will put forth a solution and someone else will think it's dumb and yada yada yada...
  4. Titus2727

    Rule Enforcement

    When someone who is just stopping by and hasent really been follwing the thread gives a suggestion that actually makes sense and is a reasonable solutuon. +1
  5. Titus2727

    Rule Enforcement

    Welcome back to the "NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO AGREE OR FIND MIDDLE GROUND" talk-show! Lets take a moment to review how there is always two sides to one of these debates and no one ever agrees! Then, just when you think its over WHAK! You got another irritated person making a thread that EVERYONE Disagrees on. In this episode, we see someone had a problem with some sneaky, but technically allowed, tactics by a certain group of civs. Some people are debating whether or not it should be against the rules for cops to shoot civs out of cars if they have actively gunned down an officer. Should it be allowed? Should it not be? Should the unspoken rule of 10 seconds be actually written somewhere? Thats for the staff to debate. Also we have some people arguing about support staff not helping. Some say its due to insufficient evidence, some say its due to buddy system or the offenders treading on thin-ice rules. What do you believe? well that's all for now, folks. Join us to see the next wacky debate next time on the "NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO AGREE OR FIND MIDDLE GROUND" talk-show!
  6. Titus2727

    Rule Enforcement

    uh oh
  7. Titus2727

    Name Change Requests

    It's not me but I forgot there was another Titus. Use Titus2727
  8. What's your Ingame name?: Titus Player ID: 7656 1198 1423 90030 How old are you?: 18 Why do you want to join the Police Department?: I want to be apart of the Police Department to Have the role play opportunities and use the role play skills that i gained previously on OLRPG and before on RLRPG How can you contribute to the Department?: I believe that I can add to an elevated role play experience, Bringing an experience to myself, other officers and civilians in a fun, and realistic, experience. Do you have any experience?: Yes, I have been in the PD before in RLRPG and for the early years of OLRPG. I had only left the community for a while do to hardware restrictions. (My laptop decided to stop running arma due to my laptops old age) I Titus declare that I will follow all Department Rules/Protocols and am willing to complete all of my training within the given time or face termination.
  9. Titus2727

    Name Change Requests

    Current Name: Titus Kenobi New Name: Titus Reason: Arma 2
  10. Did you not read the first part, "act in a manner that would not fit a roleplay scenario" what he did was stupid and not great roleplay
  11. Perhaps it's not fail roleplay, but it is shit roleplay. Last I remember, police officers on the server or in this case the sheriff deputies are supposed to be at a higher level of roleplay and not supposed to be stupid with their decision. Bad roleplay makes for unenjoyable experiences.
  12. Well the player base today was the biggest that at least I've seen since we switched and it was like a sold 12 people. If were gonna get back to the community of hundreds like we used to have something has to happen, what are the staff team thinking should happen if you don't mind my asking?
  13. Don't you think there should be though? It makes sense. Value your life, don't put yourself in positions to die/ try to win against unbeatable odds because you know you will just respawn. it would lead to better roleplay situations if we ever get a server pop back.
  14. Titus2727

    Sherriff department

    I agree with the age limit as well, but don't say it should be 18 because of the games age limit, you know as well as i do that game ratings mean fuck all when it comes to who plays the games. Charlie is right, a majority of the community is around 16 and up therefore it makes it a more balanced age to set the bar at.

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