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  1. Matt Hayche

    Medical Custody Discussion

    -1. This rule creates way too many issues. There were way too many times EMS just didn't know what they were doing and it made every situation much more problematic than they needed to be. There was one time when a huge shootout happened and I was the only S.E.R.T. to survive along with one other officer. The EMT ran up to me and said I need to take you, and then literally escorted me away from the shootout, taking me away from the other officer and putting me in an ambulance before even reviving other officers even though I hadn't even died. In my opinion there is no way this rule can work even if you word it differently because it is completely dependent on EMS knowing what they are doing, which is rare. It doesn't make sense to give EMS more roleplay if it negatively impacts the rest of the server.
  2. The OurLifeRPG is available to everyone using this link - https://discord.gg/MHqym9w Members of the community can use it to keep up to date with important news and updates in the Announcement Channel. If you are in the Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, or Staff you can request a role in the Rank Request Channel. All you need to do is type what rank you are and you will be added to the appropriate role. Please make sure your name in discord is the same name that you use on the server. Do not type anything into the Rank Request Channel other than your rank. The same community forum rules apply so do not harass others or create unnecessary problems.
  3. Matt Hayche

    Put up the server

  4. Since I don't want to cause aids on this fine post, all I will say is that I feel it doesn't make any sense to have DOJ. Here are my reasons why: - We don't have the population to handle it - The way the server has been historically should show that we can't have this, there can't be hardcore rp jobs like this with the people we have and while it may sound like a cool idea to a lot of people the majority will grow to hate it. Even Project Life people hate their DOJ. - The argument that we have excessive jail times may be true depending on who you are, but adding DOJ doesn't solve this. Honestly a Corrections division could work way better than DOJ I think it doesn't make any sense to add any hardcore rp jobs or roles because most people don't care. That's not what this server is about and people can already get that elsewhere.
  5. Matt Hayche

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

    Oof the one Saturday I can’t be on
  6. Matt Hayche

    There's no way

    Listen everything I did was for science and to quell the haters.
  7. Matt Hayche

    Reddit Highlight #2

    No I don't
  8. Matt Hayche

    Reddit Highlight #2

    Idk how to edit videos or make frag movies so bear with me pls.
  9. Matt Hayche

    Reddit Highlight #2

  10. Matt Hayche

    Number 1 CSGO player on Cicada

    Wait what was wrong with it? 1v1 me. Yo les noob.
  11. Matt Hayche

    This is why Europeans shouldn't be allowed on this island.

    I take it back, Rod can stay.
  12. Matt Hayche

    This is why Europeans shouldn't be allowed on this island.

    That’s not even what happened here. Idk if you watched the video but the point was he pulled me out of my car from like 10 meters away.
  13. Matt Hayche

    This is why Europeans shouldn't be allowed on this island.

    I really hate myself for it but I agree with Kevin... I don't actually want to kick out all of the Europeans. I didn't realize my joke would be so controversial.
  14. Matt Hayche

    This is why Europeans shouldn't be allowed on this island.

    Thanks for another example of why Europeans are cancer. For me you weren't even there and you certainly didn't shoot a single bullet.

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