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  1. Matt Hayche

    RoyalSyndicate/Thomas Ashton/Lewis | 13/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    You are a lost cause my guy.
  2. Matt Hayche

    Sam Ruby | 08/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Waiting for Head Staff.
  3. Matt Hayche

    Royal Syndicate | 08/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    I already denied this exact same ban appeal. Just wait out the 7 days my guy.
  4. hey matt i have been banned for a long time i didn't get banned yestday i been banned for 5-7 moths know and hope you can chagne your mind 

  5. Matt Hayche

    RoyalSyndicate | 04/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Looking at the video you clearly broke a few rules and TGC stopped you before things got worse and then you logged immediately. You also have a very recent past of bans so this ban appeal is denied.
  6. Matt Hayche

    Shaun1 | 03/04/19 | Ban Appeal

    I am also sorry but this ban appeal is going to be denied. You have a history of duping and exploiting and you got banned for hacking yesterday.
  7. Matt Hayche

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Tfw you don't understand a meme.
  8. Matt Hayche

    Lewis James | 13/03/2019 | Ban Appeal

    You need to put more effort in and at least give me literally any information. (GUID especially)
  9. Matt Hayche

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Honestly I don't see how an Arma server can work anymore for any community. They just don't appeal to enough people to have a consistent population, and the pop it does have are so divided what is the point. This cycle of remaking the same server every time the pop gets low instead of actually fixing problems won't end. Might as well explore either Gmod or GTA V. I really do love Gmod but I don't think that will work given how many extremely popular servers already exist and none of us know that much about Dark RP. GTA V is more similar to Arma and is on the come up, meaning it would make more sense in my opinion at least to try it.
  10. Developer ranks have nothing to do with staff. They are completely separate, but in terms of overall power on the server Garry is way up there.
  11. I don't understand the reasoning behind this post. Garry is the Lead Developer. That has literally nothing to do with being a staff member. He is already more powerful than a senior admin and he would literally do nothing different. I doubt he would actually want to be in senior staff even if he says he does. I think that you overestimate the power of a senior admin. Just making someone senior admin won't give them power to change everything into what they want. Also, I am on every single day and active on discord. I apologize if I rambled a bit in my post and overused the word "literally".
  12. Matt Hayche

    Arma 3 Ourlife RPG trailer?

    @Jared @Kevin385874 No more pointless bickering from you two. If you are gonna make a comment on this post it has to be constructive and not attack others.
  13. Matt Hayche

    Rule Suggestions

    I feel like it clearly says you have 5 seconds to comply. The situation you described is against the rules.
  14. Matt Hayche

    Rule Suggestions

    You must initiate on the person you are trying to rob by giving them a command stating you are robbing them such as "Put your hands on your head! This is a robbery!". After initiation you must give at least 5 seconds for them to comply to your reasonable commands. If the person you are robbing tries to evade (i.e. driving or running away) then you may shoot the person.
  15. Matt Hayche

    Rule Suggestions

    Now that the server has been up and running for a while some problems with the rules have come up. It is clear that some rules are missing that should be there and they will be added soon but it is important to get some community feedback. We want people in the community to be able to voice their opinion on the current rules or future rules that you all wish to see implemented. You may feel free to make comments on this post in order to generate a discussion, however, please refrain from starting any toxic arguments here. Also, if you have a real suggestion for the rules you want us to look at and implement, make a post in the Arma 3 Suggestions forum.

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