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  1. Jersh Campbell

    How to Revive OLRPG

    Bring OLRPG back so I can RDM you for this post
  2. Jersh Campbell

    Thanks OLRPG!

    I refused to roll over on that xD
  3. Jersh Campbell

    Thanks OLRPG!

    I was going through some old files and found a bunch of stuff from OLRPG and decided to see how the community was going. It's a shame to see the community die, but I think we need to all remember what amazing times & memories we all had. We were a very tight nit group and I personally enjoyed every second of it. Thank you to those in the leadership team for facilitating such a unique gaming experience, through all it's ups and downs you pulled through. It's amazing some of the friends I have made and kept throughout my life now thanks to Arma II has been astounding. Some have you have really moved onto bigger & better things with your lives, and I'm so proud of you all! I've linked my steam so hopefully, I can stay in touch with some of the friends I made while here and lost contact with - https://steamcommunity.com/id/gershjersh/ Thanks for the wild ride & I wish you all well in the future.
  4. Jersh Campbell

    Can be locked and moved, Dead topic

    Do you know de whe?
  5. So one of my friends is a fairly avid redditor and told me that in order to get unbanned from some places you have to do a drawing - it's not about skill and more about effort put in. It would be pretty cool / funny to see that here even if we trialed it. This is where people share the better drawings https://www.reddit.com/r/AskRedditUnbanDrawing/ I had a good giggle
  6. Jersh Campbell

    First New Feature

    Wouldn't the same thing happen if it was all released in one go? People would do everything like you said and would get bored... but if we released in one big go, sure we'd hold people for a bit longer but we wouldn't have anyone playing beforehand because they'd be waiting for the new stuff and people would go do all the things then get bored. I can imagine things like this need to be trickle fed. I don't water my plants once every 3 months and expect it to grow, I have to water it often to keep my plants growing and happy (sprinkling some bullshit on them helps too) ^In this example, the players are plants^
  7. Jersh Campbell

    National Vidov Study

    Police officers found to be affiliated with the Vidovs? *Cries in gang unit paperwork*
  8. Jersh Campbell

    Siren bug

    Lucky me....
  9. Jersh Campbell

    Siren bug

    It still happens, sometimes the siren comes from somewhere that you drive around and locate the location, the vehicle is not there. It could have been deleted, impounded or destroyed but the siren remains while the car disappears
  10. Jersh Campbell

    One Life Rule Vote

    I don't think you're truly understanding the option and are just trying to push A2 stuff... Option 2 is more of a flexible life system allowing for, while maintaining one life, for that life to transition across the three factions easier. Civilians can still be criminals if they wish while not needing to worry about it affecting other faction activities until they commit themselves to said faction. Edit: It also removes all of the cancer from A2 of cops switching to civ, getting a cheeky 27 murders and switching back... Your actions on all factions have to affect you in some way
  11. Jersh Campbell

    Medic revival distance during shootouts

    Having spent a fair amount of time with the Australian Paramedic Special Operation Team guys, in real life there are a select elite that are trained (in Australia) to enter and assist alongside police during tactical situations. I feel perhaps that if you would want such a thing to be in place for EMS to revive cops actively, they would need separate uniform + armour and perhaps make them fair game. Paramedics most definitely enter and assist police.
  12. Jersh Campbell

    Sheriffs VEST FIX PLEASE!!!

    I was going to disagree with you initially, but then I was shot point blank in the chest by an AR-15 variant 5 times and survived.
  13. Jersh Campbell

    RIP XXXTentacion

    While no one deserves to be gunned down in a drive-by shooting, this guy was a piece of shit and was a wife beater.
  14. Jersh Campbell

    We are looking for staff!

    Real question, would the staff members be treated like crap just like before? Staff are volunteers, giving their time to support a community they care about, offering incentives of paychecks and the like is a nice step towards rewarding the staff members, but if senior staff continues their trend of undervaluing, being rude, standoffish and aloof from the core staff team. The cycle will repeat.
  15. Jersh Campbell

    Vote for whitelisting - the communities opinion

    This seems to be a recurring issue I've seen @Luke Shaw when we do generate enough interest for people to join, they come up against a wall which completely stops them from playing the game, the whitelisting, just today I've seen three people join for 30 minutes with no tag in support - no staff member comes on to assist them, then they leave. This is not how a community grows.

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