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  1. Baars Richardson

    List of Suggestions

  2. Baars Richardson

    Healing Animationn

    When watching the video i could just feel the mild panic.
  3. Baars Richardson

    [CLOSED] Virgin Police Department - VPD

    Yeah not sure honestly how that got on the roster but it is removed, apologies. And for real i read it 20 times and it still doens't make any sense
  4. Baars Richardson

    [CLOSED] Virgin Police Department - VPD

    Well i don't realy know to wich situations you are referring. But the 2 ''Big'' situations i can recall are at the gas station (can't remember the name Luke's gas station maybe?) near the airfield and the shootout at a gas station in north union. While we robbed the gas station near the airfield we did not shoot cops onsight (responding to the robbery) we tried to make contact with them. The officers for some reason didn't want to make any contact so we tried to drive of, while speeding to the nearby forest our star driver ( Tino Wellington is banned from driving ) crashed into a tree and took our wheels out only then we resorted to shooting. While we where running from the cops relating to a different situation we drove up to the gas station (north Union) to change cars since we clearly had a Bolo out on our old one. When we saw another resident with a car there we tried to get his car wich isn't a bad idea. But the civ wasn't having it and tried to drive off. The driver crashed a couple of feet from the starting location and jumped out pulling a gun (by this point one of our members allready fired his rifle at the driver) he then saw the opportunity to hide behind his car. By this moment 2 S.E.R.T members showed up on the other side of the main highway they sprinted into the woods and only when one of them fired at a fellow gang member we returned fire. Again we repeatedly try to disengage or simply run instead of shooting rightaway. Ps: sorry for any grammatical errors
  5. Baars Richardson

    [CLOSED] Virgin Police Department - VPD

    Honestly do not understand this. I haver never trolled before so i don't know where this is coming from. We have set this gang up to increase the action/roleplay that cops can get. In my own experience as a cop on this server it can get quite boring/uninteresting when there are 10 to 15 civ's online and no one is doing anything. Hence why we are setting this gang up, all in the common interest of having fun together.
  6. Baars Richardson

    [CLOSED] Virgin Police Department - VPD

  7. Baars Richardson

    Vests (Gang)

    Well shit.
  8. Baars Richardson

    Warehouse Renting

    It would be better if it needed to be gang controlled. Other gangs than have to take it over if they want to use that certain warehouse.
  9. Baars Richardson

    Kill Feed System

    +1 I would suggest a .....oof..... message on the HUD of the person that kills someone. it avoids alot of global kill messages .
  10. Baars Richardson

    Warehouse Renting

  11. Baars Richardson

    Marijuana Growing

    Well the plants in the field "die" if not attendend for a certain amount of time. i think the timer is set at like 15-20 mins.
  12. Baars Richardson

    Marijuana Growing

    The plants die overtime. Not realy a bug
  13. "He was charming and well-liked, but he held a dark secret." "He was charming and well-liked. But he held a dark secret." The first utterance is a quick summary of the two sides of the character. Maybe you'd write that if you were describing a book or a movie. The second has a different rhythm. The full-stop-and-pause before the "But" emphasizes the contrast between the information given in the first sentence and that given in the second sentence. It sounds more like the beginning of a story than like part of a summary of one. "Never start a sentence with 'but'" is not a grammatical rule: it has nothing to do with syntax.

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