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  1. Kyle Smith


    Weird flex but okay.
  2. Kyle Smith

    Events Team

    Not a bad idea, I don't think he was implying himself though... I feel like this would go 0 - AIDS real quick.
  3. Kyle Smith


    Paying money for people to play xD
  4. Kyle Smith

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    And the last 10 or so posts is the reason why this community is like it is now, or how it turned into this mess... So toxic, no positive progression.... Literary talking about fighting people in real life from this worn down community, its really sad if you stand back and think about it. Move on, its not worth it.
  5. Kyle Smith

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Why don't I get this treatment from you Jack I made the post first about TGC being a cretin.... I wonder how CP feels about what TGC did, or if CP knows that the community is going/went under... I guess TGC is running the community now by removing the most experienced senior staff(and being misleading about it in a previous post in here) and having the main developer leave. I guess this is going to turn into a nice Gmod or Minecraft community! Imagine if you listened to me about the GTA server, GTA RP is number 1 on twitch(Even sodapoppin is playing it, if he streams it once we get a population to last for years with his 50k viewers...)! I setup the mod pack for the GTA server and just wanted to run it on the server box, dev, ts, or main vm, or you could have just given an account with limited perms but I guess its just to hard for TGC to trust a senior admin who has been in the community for years. You got it running, but you somehow turned god mode on, I told you how to fix it, but you refused. We had such an opportunity to make something of it with the amazing box we had :(. I agree as well
  6. Kyle Smith

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    The only contact I got was garry spamming me twice to make the community a useless trailer, I don't know how to code for Arma 3 so I couldn't help with A3 deving so I wasn't really active.... Also if you go look up GTA RP for one second its pretty advanced, and its been advanced for a while now. I told you it was and I guess you never looked into it.
  7. Kyle Smith

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    I actually feel bad for you thinking this....
  8. Kyle Smith

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    I actually agree with proton here. Removing the two longest standing senior admins at the same time right when the new A3 server was going to go up was an amazing idea to help the community TGC, i'm glad you did it and I think all the other community members thank you for that as well! It's not like me a Druxus were here for many years just to be removed and ignored by all of head staff. Definitely didn't see this coming.... Like ive said a really long time ago, the trend is going to GTA RP, could be even to late for that since senior staff was too stubborn to try something new.
  9. Kyle Smith

    Arma 3 Ourlife RPG trailer?

    Sure go for a fan made trailer like @Jared said since its not wasting limited dev resources but I doubt it would be up to the standard that senior staff would want it, but I could be wrong.
  10. Kyle Smith

    Arma 3 Ourlife RPG trailer?

    I Agree and that is what I found when I made the first trailer. And Jared is being a toxic meanie
  11. Kyle Smith

    Arma 3 Ourlife RPG trailer?

    Because that went well the first time...
  12. Kyle Smith

    After Release Plans

  13. Kyle Smith

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

    Oof I will be recording the meeting
  14. Kyle Smith

    We need to do something.

    Arma 3
  15. Kyle Smith

    Esu qeustion

    And we are locking it here

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