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  1. Michael Jacks

    Recent Events and Bans

    To be honest, and this is if I am correct in assuming the people you are on about, I would agree and just permanently ban them. Literally, every time staff/senior staff has accepted a ban appeal that person just comes back and is even more toxic than usual. I think people who are banned are banned fairly and correctly, they prove that themselves when they come back here and act like even bigger assholes. Plus 1'ing the statement wasn't random, however, your comment was.
  2. Michael Jacks

    The Return

    Good luck terrorizing Cicada... cus we going
  3. Michael Jacks

    EMS Aviation at it's best

    You wish
  4. Michael Jacks

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

    Then listen to a recording... or just wake up n go back to bed...?
  5. Michael Jacks

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

    If someone could send me a recording/post it on the website, that would be great. Might be working around that time.
  6. Michael Jacks

    I dont know what to title this... Calling all devs and players?

    I could not agree more with the economy system suggestions. A lot of the A3 Servers go around having you grind for hours/days to get what 3000, I think we should keep the economic system we have or make it just that bit more realistic.
  7. Michael Jacks

    EMS Aviation at it's best

    Robert said I would fit....
  8. Michael Jacks


    10/10 suggestion lol
  9. Michael Jacks


    How in the fuck did a sorry post turn into complete fucking cancer? oh wait -- it's OurLife
  10. Michael Jacks

    We need to do something.

    There is far too many FiveM role-play servers
  11. Michael Jacks

    We need to do something.

  12. Michael Jacks

    I nEeD hElP wiTh tEaMsPeAk

    He said he re-installed it. If it was security level then a pop up would come up asking them to higher the level. ---- Go to your TeamSpeak folder; Program files > TeamSpeak 3 (or to where ever you installed it) Scroll all the way down to the application "update" Run that application.
  13. Michael Jacks

    We need to do something.

    ArmA 3 failed.. literally dropped this server and as soon as it goes back to ArmA 2 our population goes back up... then... people go back to be cancerous and fuck up the server again.
  14. Michael Jacks

    We need to do something.

    Stop making this cops and robbers and you know... role play... go shopping... racing... fight clubs... i dunno just do something that doesnt always involve cops getting annoying and civs be little bitches.
  15. Michael Jacks

    Chain of Command

    [Supervisor] Robert has been promoted to Lieutenant.

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