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  1. Steve O´Connor


  2. Steve O´Connor

    We need to do something.

    One word. FiveM
  3. Steve O´Connor


    I learned that the hard way. but then again if your life is in danger you have a right to defend yourself
  4. Steve O´Connor


  5. Steve O´Connor

    Firing range

    +1 give us back donator so we can barricade again
  6. Steve O´Connor

    This is why Europeans shouldn't be allowed on this island.

    from my pov when he jumped out i gave him 3 warnings not to point it towards me if he hadn't I wouldn't have shot
  7. Steve O´Connor

    This is why Europeans shouldn't be allowed on this island.

    well if you were in that situation you would've understood the way we handled it. but no you just sit on the sideline and judge us.
  8. Steve O´Connor

    Great example of a Controlled contact by ex Sgt deputy George M.

    unless S.W.A.T. rams him of the road first XDDDD
  9. Steve O´Connor

    Get Back on Track

  10. Steve O´Connor

    Rule Enforcement

    chia you can still wait and tell the suspect to drop the gun, ofc if he doesn't and points it at you, you have every right to shoot him.
  11. Steve O´Connor

    Rule Enforcement

    +1 I myself love to go civ and fucking destroy the cops but I also love the cop aspect where you actually have to outsmart them. most of the time when I pursue someone and i get a confirmation that it is someone I know, let's just use @Josh Puffinton as an example I've played civ with him for the whole time I've been on the server so I know most of his tactics and I use that to outsmart him. that is what cop is all about within the PD protocol ofc
  12. Steve O´Connor

    daeron thinking hes cool

    i agree. Daeron is cool
  13. Steve O´Connor

    Well done, OLRPG!

    @Nino .............
  14. Steve O´Connor

    Africa - Kevin385874 (Chorus)

    Kevin has been promoted to cicadas national anthem lead singer

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