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    DOJ Implementation

    Suggestion: I believe that the server should implement a fully fledged DOJ system complete with justices, court hearings, and an accompanying BAR certification. Why: I believe that a DOJ system is essential for both police and civilian in order to increase the efficiency of police actions and protect the rights of the citizens. In the current state when a civilian gets charged for a crime they are most likely getting arrested with no legal representation and little chance of appealing the charge or pleading not guilty which I believe is a gross violation of ones rights. Despite me playing as an LEO for 90% of my time on the server I still believe that everyone deserves a fair trial. In addition court cases allow for top quality role-play with both sides needing to prepare extensively to ensure the best outcome. Other aspects that could be introduced with a DOJ is various types of warrants (arrest, search, bench. surveillance etc.) that need to be processed by a judge rather than a law enforcement officer. Along with that the possibility is introduction of a bond system, expanding on the criminal code/introduction of a constitution and giving civilians more options for occupations and roleplay scenarios. While not all of this needs to be implemented I believe some of the more basic ideas should be. In addition I understand this would not be an overnight change and would require the input of a variety of groups. Media: N/A Download: N/A
  2. Darwin Cried

    Prisoner Gun Locker

    While I like this idea and have played on server with it, without a dedicated DOC staff I feel there could be some issues.
  3. Had the same problem with looking up names containing -

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