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  1. Kevin385874

    How to Revive OLRPG

    I'm banned from there tho
  2. Tell it to the judge. 2019 is the prime time of spawning guns
  3. imagine being able to spawn your own guns and RPGs and other have to go and do oil for 8 hours
  4. I enjoyed wiping the whole cop force with Jerrod and listening to them all whine and cry.
  5. Kevin385874


  6. Kevin385874

    Player Report - YTS

    Also am re porting his textures and how gross they are
  7. Kevin385874

    Player Report - YTS

    Date of Incident: Oct 7th, 2018 Players Involved and Roles: YTS, Jerrod, Kevin385874 Rule(s) Broken: Killing people randomly without interaction or roleplay or non-compliant with the rules, is considered RDM. Did you attempt to report the incident via TeamSpeak support: No, its dead Evidence Gathered: Situation: See video If you have any questions or do not understand how to submit a report please contact a member of staff.He
  8. Kevin385874

    Adam York | 13/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Appeal Accepted
  9. Kevin385874

    Michael Vidov | 09/02/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Wtf dude let the man play!
  10. Kevin385874

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Is the statement at hand, try reading.
  11. Kevin385874

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Fuck other countries, welcome to AMERICA.
  12. Kevin385874

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    "Maths Lessons", your grammar is 10/10 bud. And guessing someones age has nothing to do with Math if I don't have the year you were born. Stop trying to roast the roast king, especially when you're 12. Bullshit that you're 16 and almost as old as me. I might need to take a sip of water like you do.
  13. Kevin385874

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    12 year old kids aren't allowed to roast when they have no clue what they're talking about.
  14. Kevin385874

    Events Team

    First non stupid thing you've ever said
  15. Kevin385874


    A simple Person in charge of PD punishments and maybe to handle complaints. Which is just simply down to having forms and spreadsheets to manage them, which is easy

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