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  1. Kevin385874

    Events Team

    First non stupid thing you've ever said
  2. Kevin385874


    A simple Person in charge of PD punishments and maybe to handle complaints. Which is just simply down to having forms and spreadsheets to manage them, which is easy
  3. Kevin385874

    A2 Division Lead Applications

    What type of structure will this turn out 5o be, lead and ast lead? Or will there be supervisors and one lead
  4. Kevin385874

    A shit EMS Suggestion(s)

    I think going with a division of ems being coast guard which can assist PD and of course has a chain of command that manages it
  5. Kevin385874


    civ10 setfuel 0;
  6. Kevin385874

    A shit EMS Suggestion(s)

    I understand both sides to your point, i can agree and disagree just about equally. We do need some type of civillian faction that will allow for a command staff (Kinda like PMC but something different that would entertain and not be cancer)
  7. Cops be getting hella fragged by civs rn, from a civ pov I think we should change PD ratio to 2 cops for every 1 civ so that jerrod and my group have some competition. Not only with this give us competition, it will help increase server population when civ count is low. I cant explain how easy it is to wipe pd with younes on cop, he basically plays as a gang member for us while he's on pd
  8. Kevin385874

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Have you never tried an emo baptism?
  9. Kevin385874

    OurLifeRpg situation

    You're right, I do love this server..... But...... It was alot better without you and vito
  10. Kevin385874

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    You forgot to add that he should stay underwater for at least 5 minutes
  11. Kevin385874

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    LOL you got baited there a little bit
  12. Kevin385874

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    Lol you pull the whole, "Come to my address and say it to my face". Once again as chief said, He already has the A2 scripts finished he just needs to test them (Which will take less than a few days). GMOD doesnt take 4 months to work on, its easy to have a gmod server running decent jobs and scripts in less than a month. BTW if I was 18 and could just buy a plane ticket to your state, I wouldn't mind knocking out a transgender. Don't pull the "It takes a man to say it to someones face", It takes a man to fight back, not to start something. Plus i'm pretty sure I would win in a fight with the fact that you cry about pretty much everything so you can get your way (Kinda reminds me of Llama)
  13. Kevin385874

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    No shit, you must be a god damn genius. Oh wait, you were a K9 Lieutenant. Everybody who suggested ARMA has been apart of this community when it failed multiple times. We know that it will fail in weeks, if you actually spend your time reading topics that are on the forums instead of instantly replying to every topic to try to add a stupid point that everyone knows, maybe you might actually prove a point and it be somewhat decent. Please pay attention to the topics and use some common sense when the people who are suggesting ArmA are Kyle W, Jerrod, and myself. Also that the ArmA 2 server would be temporary as a new server would be getting developed by Chief, but hey you would know that if you spent 5 minutes reading all the replies to the forums instead of mashing the keyboard with you 15 Pound hands.
  14. Kevin385874

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

  15. Kevin385874

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    The mindset is if you wanna run a successful community, you have to sacrifice a lot of time and money while being at risk of losing it all to something like what happened recently. No game is guaranteed to bring in money, nobody's gonna give money to a dead community hoping that it will be revived. Your logic only applies to a server that is actually running a steady player base and acquiring new players like it was in 2017 and before.

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