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  1. Kevin385874

    Rule Suggestions

    Don't worry, people want roleplay at this community but fun roleplay like corruption isn't allowed.
  2. Kevin385874

    Rule Suggestions

    OH lol, it's my tower so back off.
  3. Kevin385874

    Rule Suggestions

    Nah fam, it's the only way to beat SD
  4. Kevin385874

    Rule Suggestions

    Correct me I'm wrong but the rule already states u have to give 5 seconds?
  5. Kevin385874

    List of Suggestions

    Don't even start
  6. Kevin385874


    The amount of stupidity in that post is past the first one. I'm not mad at all about being removed From CID, after the protocol change the division sucks dick. Good effort for a roast tho for someone who will never make it past sergeant in this community and your brain cells support it. During the meeting I never said anything to you cuz I had my mic muted and u would also not know that I poked fatal at the beginning when I heard roleplay, my poke said "here we go. Again". (plus I was flying my brand new f18 on dcs) There's roleplay on the server such as traffic stops and people who do bank and such, gunfights are a outcome of roleplay and are the only thing to make the server fun. I did post something constructive, I was arguing with how fucking stupid your post is and how many brain cells I lose everytime someone mentions roleplay. You also havent used the word stupid to my ideas because 99% of them aren't fucking stupid (Aka helping make highway patrol a fucking thing for patrol On A2 before I was removed.) When you try to talk shit about someone getting removed from a division, be a supervisor of it instead of only being in it for a week. I hope you can learn from this and learn how to talk shit You're truly, Stinger Lieutenant Posted from my phone so me=no english
  7. Kevin385874

    List of Suggestions

    1. +1 2. +1 3. +1 4. +1 5. +1 6. +1 7. Initiation is the most simple concept to understand. "Hello" is not initiation. "get out of the car or die" is initiation, pretty simple concept. As for valuing life, you're fucking stupid and it will never be implemented without killing the server again
  8. +1 An actual good suggestion that every brain dead person on this community might learn from and it's the laser designator that is thermal.
  9. Kevin385874


    Yes it would be highly hated, the idea is fucking stupid. People play on the server to have fun, less gunfights = less fun for the majority. Also having to initiate for your gang members telling them that you have friends that will kill them? What is this a fucking tea party? Just gonna talk out all the details of your gang to the other guy and figure out where he works and what his favorite restaurant is. If you think the rule will be highly hated it comes back to my old saying.... WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU POST IT THEN, can anyone on this community use their fucking brain when it comes to suggestions.
  10. Kevin385874

    A rebrand??

    If you do that Vadim, you will lose brain cells and the iq drops under 50
  11. Kevin385874

    Remove GoPro Rule

    That's not how the rule works, the go pro. Is rp only, not required for a support case
  12. Kevin385874

    Thank you Senior Staff and Devs

    Fuck, do I make a joke and risk it being taken the wrong way and getting banned, or do I be nice..... Both I guess. Fuck you senior staff, but also thank you.
  13. Kevin385874

    Best Car?

    Or I'm just waiting for you to stop posting the most retarded shit on the forums, and throw some IQ into the pile
  14. Kevin385874

    Best Car?

    SERT..........Sheriff Emergency Response Team.................I honestly didn't think you could drop negative in IQ, SERT gets a bearcat because it is needed to protect a team which contains much higher skilled individuals and carries special weapons that should be protected from being stolen by criminals. A Strategic response team shouldn't be able to be wiped out with a spray of a 30 round mag. Sounds like you are just mad that you get rekt by the bearcat all the time. I can however agree that they shouldn't be able to patrol in a bearcat but be on standby with one or patrolling in their suburban.
  15. Kevin385874

    Best Car?

    Maybe 300, if you don't spin out and die because of how shitty it handles

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