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  1. Connor ElNumbero


    When cops break protocol, report it to staff as they will deal with it.
  2. Connor ElNumbero

    Training server

    Question Mark ?
  3. Connor ElNumbero

    Meme or not a meme?

    +1 for this
  4. Connor ElNumbero

    OurLifeRpg situation

    Get a youtuber to join a server with 0 people on it
  5. Connor ElNumbero

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Back to the whole GTA RP thing. Myself and Andrew (AndrewDibbs Yes) have experience in setting up servers that run FiveM. It's a little complicated but there is a lot of open source things to grab and it does not take long to set up a server. Myself I am on the biggest FiveM community, DOJRP. In my opinion the only way to get a decent community is to have a popular youtuber play on it. Having a public FiveM server is on the edge to say the least. There is tools out there to prevent people from abusing the shit out of the server such as the VMenu which you can basically customize to your liking. FiveM isn't the worst thing ever, but don't expect it to have population instantly, you will need advertisement.
  6. Connor ElNumbero


    @Kevin385874 Amen.
  7. Connor ElNumbero

    PSA to those who choose to open carry guns

    It is also an offense to open carry in a city and you will be charged for it.
  8. Connor ElNumbero

    Remove the GoPro rule?

    I don't mind it tbh
  9. Connor ElNumbero

    Prisoner Gun Locker

    Maybe an option for civs to be able to break into jail and rob the evidence locker?
  10. Connor ElNumbero

    Bugged Gang Creation

    My question is if a gang costs 125k and you made 2. How tf are you down 284k.
  11. Connor ElNumbero

    Killing Message

    Since when did OLRPG have realism tf?
  12. Connor ElNumbero

    Killing Message

    Suggestion: Display a kill message when you kill someone (Just to yourself, not globally) Why: The reason I think this should be added is when shooting someone at long range or when shooting someone out of a car it can be difficult to tell if you actually killed them or not. Media: http://prntscr.com/md09tk
  13. Connor ElNumbero

    S**t Vest and old boring Guns!

    I am fine with this.
  14. Connor ElNumbero

    Replace Sheriff CV

    I am sure the Seattle PD still uses them Mark

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