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  1. Connor ElNumbero


    @Kevin385874 Amen.
  2. Connor ElNumbero

    PSA to those who choose to open carry guns

    It is also an offense to open carry in a city and you will be charged for it.
  3. Connor ElNumbero

    Remove the GoPro rule?

    I don't mind it tbh
  4. Connor ElNumbero

    Prisoner Gun Locker

    Maybe an option for civs to be able to break into jail and rob the evidence locker?
  5. Connor ElNumbero

    Bugged Gang Creation

    My question is if a gang costs 125k and you made 2. How tf are you down 284k.
  6. Connor ElNumbero

    Killing Message

    Since when did OLRPG have realism tf?
  7. Connor ElNumbero

    Killing Message

    Suggestion: Display a kill message when you kill someone (Just to yourself, not globally) Why: The reason I think this should be added is when shooting someone at long range or when shooting someone out of a car it can be difficult to tell if you actually killed them or not. Media: http://prntscr.com/md09tk
  8. Connor ElNumbero

    S**t Vest and old boring Guns!

    I am fine with this.
  9. Connor ElNumbero

    Replace Sheriff CV

    I am sure the Seattle PD still uses them Mark
  10. Connor ElNumbero

    Searching Vehicles

    Suggestion: Allow SO to be able to search 'Inventory' option in the scroll menu of vehicles. Why: For us to be able to investigate crimes. Also with the addition to uniforms and vests, individuals could hide their old clothes in the inventory which SO cannot access.
  11. Connor ElNumbero

    Gag option for PD

    Suggestion: Add a gag for pd and civs Why: To stop people like Piotr from spamming their mics like they're 5
  12. Connor ElNumbero

    Sheriff radar not working

    oof (Who reads stuff any more?)
  13. Connor ElNumbero

    Meta Gaming

    From my experience, I can only get the nametag thing on other cops, if I am on cop. I haven't found a situation where I have seen a civs name, while on cop.
  14. Connor ElNumbero

    SERT Shop is the big broken

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1632543090 SERT shop broken in the most recent update. 22/01/2019

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