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  1. Bug: Slicktop Sheriff Dodge Charger ELS lights Description: Inside the vehicle garage for Sheriff. You can take out the 15 charger slicktop which has red/blue lights instead of all blue. Media: N/A will try to get one if needed//
  2. Ben Dover

    Police Computer Functions

    +1 @Luke Rijaz
  3. Ben Dover

    Healing Animationn

    Just watching the video gave me a flashback to good ol ECSO shootout at rods. +1 needs to be changed.
  4. Ben Dover

    Thank you Senior Staff and Devs

    Y’all do a lot and this community wouldn’t be here without ya +1
  5. Ben Dover

    EMS Ratio

    -1, I get that you want to balance out the server. But as a Paramedic myself, the EMTs are lowing in number all at once per say. The reason we have had 7-9 EMTs on at once is due to trainings and we do mass trainings. You can even see today that we dropped in numbers on at one time.
  6. Ben Dover

    More vehicles.

  7. Ben Dover

    Group rules

    It’s a good idea to have a system which your gang is an actual gang. Would be a nice feature. +1
  8. Ben Dover

    Keycards removal or modification

    Good meme but tbh isn’t a bad idea. I’ve been arrested twice and it’s so easy to break out when 0 cops are around jail. Even if corrections was only a certification and not a full on division I still think it’s something which should at least happen. /shrug
  9. Ben Dover

    Debit Card

    I get your point with the debit card feature. I also think it should be a way to link a debit card to a person though, so if you do manage to steal a debit card from someone somehow you can use it at an atm to remove money. But the problem still stands whether it adds RP or not.
  10. Ben Dover

    Debit Card

  11. Hey guys, since we have no "Official" up-to-date guide for downloading all the addons I thought I should create one just to help those who need it. Here is a step by step instruction guide. Images will be added at a later date. 1. Download Arma 3: I know being an Arma 3 server it may be surprising to some but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE download the base game before anything else. 2. Download Arma3Sync: Go to http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22199 and scroll all the way down to the bottom where you will see "Click to download Arma3Sync". Press that and wait for the download to finish. 3. Setting up Arma 3 Sync: Open Arma3Sync and Select Addon Options, Next add via the blue plus icon the Arma 3 Directory, an example would be "C:\Program Files (X86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3" this may vary due to the location at which you installed Arma 3. 4. Installing the Addons: Next open Repositories at the top bar on Arma3Sync, Next select the blue plus icon and a pop-up will appear, enter "ftp://repo.ourliferpg.net/arma3/.a3s/autoconfig" into the "Public auto-config url" and press "Import" then press "OK". Next, select "Our Life RPG - ArmA 3" and press the file with a blue arrow icon. This gives you the download page, Next, select your Default destination folder which you set earlier in step 3, then select "@OurLifeRPG" and then press the check under "Check for Addons". After this is completed, There is another section that says "Download Addons" under the "Check for Addons" section. Select "@OurLifeRPG" and press the play button. Now your addons are installing. 5. Installing TeamSpeak: It is required to have TeamSpeak to join OLRPG, to download TeamSpeak go to https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ and select the right copy for Windows (depending on your version). After this follow the procedure to install TS3. 6. Downloading TFR: Task Force Radio (TFR) is required to play on OurLifeRPG, to download TFR navigate to the location at which you downloaded "@OurLifeRPG" from step 4. Inside the @OurLifeRPG you will find a folder called "teamspeak" open that and double click on "task_force_radio.ts3_plugin". After this TFR is installed! 7. Joining the TeamSpeak: Next open TS3 and press Connections at the Top, a drop down will open and select "Connect" after this a pop-up will appear with basic information, enter "ts.ourliferpg.net" into the Server Nickname or Address box and enter your forum name into Nickname. No password is needed to join the server. Next, you should be moved to "Requesting Support / Tags" please wait here until you can be moved into a channel by a staff member to receive your tags. 8. Loading the Mods: Next, open up the Arma 3 Launcher and select the "MODS" tab, next if you haven't already Unload all the mods you have loaded, you can do this by pressing the "Unload all" button. After you unload all mods press the "Local mod" button at the top and select "@OurLifeRPG" you may need to find your arma folder. After you select the "@OurLifeRPG" folder press "Select Folder" at the bottom and load the mod via press the Check Box next to it in the MODS tab. 9. Joining the Server: Next launch ARMA 3 by pressing the Play button. After ARMA fully loads select "Multiplayer" then "Server Browser" then you will see a button at the top which says "Direct Connect" press than and enter this in the IP Address area "Server.OurLifeRPG.Net" and this is the port "2308" and press "JOIN" and just like that you are on! Any Questions can be directed to the comments or to the support staff on the TeamSpeak. I am not a member of the Staff Team and can't help you with any server problems. Last Updated: 1/23/2019
  12. Ben Dover

    Quick Update + Need Suggestions

    Damn it's been a long time since I was last here... Anyway, I'm down for an FAA type job, It brings RP to what used to be the most boring area on the map.

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