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  1. Ben Dover

    A shit EMS Suggestion(s)

    @TheGamingChief thoughts?
  2. Ben Dover

    A shit EMS Suggestion(s)

    Yeah they hold a small LE/Police called MLE (Maritime Law Enforcement) but that’s not what I really want. I’d rather have a rescue but isn’t constrained by neutrality. So 75 rescue 25 law enforcement.
  3. Ok before anyone says that my opinion doesn't matter, just know this has been backed up by numerous people. First Suggestion: EMS aviation is holy shit a lot of hours. I know you get Jayhawks and shit and we need to limit who can get it, but we are also talking about not having access to Terror Island so we have to have people log off. Second Suggestion: Coast Guard? I know people have asked about this before, having an EMS backed Law Enforcement sounds pretty bad when you first look at it. But since EMS is the only Department which currently has Aviation I think it wouldn't be that bad. Duh CG wouldn't be getting a shit ton of guns or anything but more of an EMS backed team. Would require a shit ton of hours, maybe 48? and would allow for hopefully the PD not to be shit on constantly. Its a suggestion that could work and well needs a lot more time to process and make work. Conclusion: I agree that sometimes EMS is completely retarded and that "If you want to be law enforcement go on cop!" the problem is that a lot of people don't like being shit on 24/7 by people who just constantly fuck around and murder us 24/7. So while Coast Guard may be a suggestion which won't happen, I strongly encourage at least TGC to sit down and have a decent conversation about it. kthxbye
  4. Ben Dover

    What's going on guys?

    To be honest the server just wasn’t fun anymore. It lacks things for civilians to do besides shooting cops and robbing people. It got really repetitive and boring.
  5. Bug: Slicktop Sheriff Dodge Charger ELS lights Description: Inside the vehicle garage for Sheriff. You can take out the 15 charger slicktop which has red/blue lights instead of all blue. Media: N/A will try to get one if needed//
  6. Ben Dover

    Police Computer Functions

    +1 @Luke Rijaz
  7. Ben Dover

    Healing Animationn

    Just watching the video gave me a flashback to good ol ECSO shootout at rods. +1 needs to be changed.
  8. Ben Dover

    Thank you Senior Staff and Devs

    Y’all do a lot and this community wouldn’t be here without ya +1
  9. Ben Dover

    EMS Ratio

    -1, I get that you want to balance out the server. But as a Paramedic myself, the EMTs are lowing in number all at once per say. The reason we have had 7-9 EMTs on at once is due to trainings and we do mass trainings. You can even see today that we dropped in numbers on at one time.
  10. Ben Dover

    More vehicles.

  11. Ben Dover

    Group rules

    It’s a good idea to have a system which your gang is an actual gang. Would be a nice feature. +1
  12. Ben Dover

    Keycards removal or modification

    Good meme but tbh isn’t a bad idea. I’ve been arrested twice and it’s so easy to break out when 0 cops are around jail. Even if corrections was only a certification and not a full on division I still think it’s something which should at least happen. /shrug
  13. Ben Dover

    Debit Card

    I get your point with the debit card feature. I also think it should be a way to link a debit card to a person though, so if you do manage to steal a debit card from someone somehow you can use it at an atm to remove money. But the problem still stands whether it adds RP or not.

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