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  1. Jasta

    Rule Suggestions

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you are talking about the office building and casino? In those 2 locations there is multiple ways to get the suspect, For example at the pharmacy you can snipe from the casino and from the big hill facing the pharmacy. I also hear the complaint “They are lying down behind the AC unit, And I have one thing to say about that, The AC unit isn’t bullet proof. At the casino if you have SERT on and they have operational pilots on just get SERT and a couple SD members to get on the helicopter and land on top of the casino then you can have SD members clear the building from 2 areas.
  2. Jasta


    The more RP we add to the server the more it’s gonna die, Sure if we had a mature player base we could have good RP situations but let’s be real, 90 percent of the player base is 12 year olds who only want to frag, The only successful fully RP servers are the ones with age limits and whitelisting but with a small community like ours that would be impossible. If we were to do it we would be removing the majority of our members, This would then cause less players to join because no one wants to play on a server with 3 people on it.
  3. Range finders would be good for cops and civs, Currently if you’re trying to snipe someone you either guess the range, You set a marker and use that range or you use the map, These are all extremely unreliable and will almost always garuntee in you’re first couple shots missing. By the time you get the range correct the person you are trying to snipe is already in cover.
  4. Jasta


    Basically what you’re saying is if my gang member is initiated on then I cannot help him out despite me having the same clothing as him and us being in the same gang? This means if I’m barricaded in a building with a gang member Im not iniated on the cops until I scream at the cops saying “I’m apart of this mans gang and if you enter this building I will be forced to open fire on you.”. To be perfectly honest this doesn’t happen in real life and would not work well in the server.
  5. Jasta

    Reduce Gang Establishing Cost

    They already did it...
  6. Jasta

    Remove GoPro Rule

    What if he smash 2 GoPro?
  7. Jasta

    {RECRUITING} Skellos Crime Family

    And if you don’t have good players in your “Family” How do you expect to make money without getting robbed or killed by different “Families” or cops?
  8. Jasta

    {RECRUITING} Skellos Crime Family

    Morozov family is better
  9. Jasta

    Warehouse Renting

    +1, It’s gotten to the point we’re I can’t grow cocaine or any drug in any of my houses without 1-2 Deputy’s sitting outside of my house.
  10. Jasta

    Vests (Gang)

    @Luc Bouchard I mean, Worst case scenario you get charged with gang affiliation right? Oh wait... It isn’t a charge.
  11. Jasta

    Remove GoPro Rule

    Well what if someone smashes my go pro? Then I have to buy a new one
  12. Jasta

    Best Car?

    So you are saying giving SERT bullet proof vehicles to protect them from civs ambushing them and opening fire on them while they are trying to protect their fellow officers and civilians is unfair to the criminals who attempt to kill them? If we were to make it completly fair lets give junior deputys mustangs and sports cars because we cant keep up with your sports cars.
  13. Jasta

    Best Car?

    Maybe because SERT takes lead on all dangerous situations and need to be protected?
  14. Jasta

    Admin Revive?

    crosses 2 double yellows, Makes an illegal U turn and pulls infromt of a cop that clearly had the right away “He desync rammed me”
  15. Jasta

    Kill Feed System

    +1, Would save people a lot of time especially in accidental RDM situations, For example a day ago a civ was on whisper when he initiated and shot me, He wanted to comp the people who he killed but he couldn't comp everyone due to him not being able to know who he killed without video evidence from the victim.

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