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  1. You sure trump likes the UK after his recent visit there? Also, Yes NATO would get involved but do you think trump gives a shit? He tried to befriend The dictator himself.
  2. The main complaint about A3 was the lag, They chose a good map to use but packed in so many unnecessary buildings and foliage, For example the bushes outside of the SD base, I highly doubt people would have cared if this was removed and all it did was cause trouble. If they choose a good map that has been tested, And they don’t pack in unnecessary buildings the lag will be fine, SD and EMS chain of command can be re thought and given to different people if they prove they are well fit for the role. They can use the same frame work because it was perfect. It wouldn’t be any longer then a month to put up a well thought out server if they use the same framework.
  3. Baptize yourself, Go hop in your bath tub, Dump a bucket full of water over yourself say a prayer then thank god. Life hack
  4. Lemme just get my reading glasses real quick.
  5. Holy shit you wrote a fuckin story book
  6. Talk for yourself, I run up and down the 4 lane while on meth and when I see a cop I run around the island then go back to my meth head ways.
  7. I can confirm, I have ran around the track 50 times while on meth and it is a nice area, I would love to rave go karts while im on meth!
  8. They are making my dreams come true, I always wanted to do illegal weapon shipments in a plane :D
  9. Also if you look at the trello you will see corpsman is really close to having the map update complete, He only has about 1-2 items left.
  10. TGC already told us what’s going on, The 2 current script developers (Luke and TGC) Both are busy, TGC has college then has to work and Luke has work, They have little to no time to work on anything. And it’s not just as easy as copy and pasting code, After they get the actual coding done they have to do tests which takes a lot of time, Plus with all the stuff that needs to be done and all the complaints from everyone isn’t encouraging to continue working on it.
  11. I think alot of you guys are missing the main point, The server is in beta!
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you are talking about the office building and casino? In those 2 locations there is multiple ways to get the suspect, For example at the pharmacy you can snipe from the casino and from the big hill facing the pharmacy. I also hear the complaint “They are lying down behind the AC unit, And I have one thing to say about that, The AC unit isn’t bullet proof. At the casino if you have SERT on and they have operational pilots on just get SERT and a couple SD members to get on the helicopter and land on top of the casino then you can have SD members clear the building from 2 areas.
  13. The more RP we add to the server the more it’s gonna die, Sure if we had a mature player base we could have good RP situations but let’s be real, 90 percent of the player base is 12 year olds who only want to frag, The only successful fully RP servers are the ones with age limits and whitelisting but with a small community like ours that would be impossible. If we were to do it we would be removing the majority of our members, This would then cause less players to join because no one wants to play on a server with 3 people on it.
  14. Range finders would be good for cops and civs, Currently if you’re trying to snipe someone you either guess the range, You set a marker and use that range or you use the map, These are all extremely unreliable and will almost always garuntee in you’re first couple shots missing. By the time you get the range correct the person you are trying to snipe is already in cover.
  15. Basically what you’re saying is if my gang member is initiated on then I cannot help him out despite me having the same clothing as him and us being in the same gang? This means if I’m barricaded in a building with a gang member Im not iniated on the cops until I scream at the cops saying “I’m apart of this mans gang and if you enter this building I will be forced to open fire on you.”. To be perfectly honest this doesn’t happen in real life and would not work well in the server.
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