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  1. Literally irrelevant considering the fact that I always earned my own damn money and bought RPGs and other items. Like Oil was not the strat, if you wanted quick starting money you could get it super easy with Whale and a few other things. If that video wasn't from 2016 I would show the logs for that video, but logs didn't start getting fully backed up until late 2017.
  2. Little cancer with a sprinkle of autism, but fun times.
  3. This is still one of my favorite videos.
  4. TheGamingChief


    Sorta not safe for work?
  5. TheGamingChief

    Player Report - YTS

    While you have a legitimate complaint against those horrid textures, I'm going to go ahead and close this complaint for the following report criteria not being met. "All video evidence must include 2 minutes prior to the rule break. ", and " All evidence submitted for a report cannot be from more than a week ago.".
  6. TheGamingChief

    Michael Vidov | 09/02/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied due to a lack of a GUID. Feel free to re-appeal. Appeal Denied
  7. TheGamingChief

    Just found this again

    ^This. Also @Jimmy Smith, what did you expect to happen there?
  8. TheGamingChief

    Good Times

    Shameless plug: There is an entire video playlist there.
  9. TheGamingChief

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Not here to flame, but apparently "maths" is actually correct in some countries. English is fucking weird.
  10. TheGamingChief

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    I agree these weird changes have not helped us out, as I stated A2 will remain online in its loose state, requiring no PD or EMS structure, being online for people whenever that want to hop on. I agree consistent updates are important, that's something we struggled with as some people on the dev team wanted to push big updates every one or two months while others wanted to push smaller updates every one or two weeks. I personally think an update every week or two would be better, even if it's just small bug fixes and some feature changes. Just to clarify, this would be like how Arma 2 was in the past correct? Meaning we have trained slots, but a few untrained slots on each side with limited access to weapons and items? This was an idea that was explored before, however, work hadn't been started on it yet for the most part. I definitely think this is something we can implement though. The main issue when it comes to lag is actually testing for it, I never had an issue with lag, I understand we don't all have to same setups so it can be difficult to find out about these issues and sort them out. However, it's something we can work on, such as removing unnecessary items such as the shrubs around SD.
  11. TheGamingChief

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    As already stated A2 is up and will remain up. The entire point of putting A2 back up in the current form is to allow people to get on whenever they want to, no need to be on as cop for a certain amount of time each week just to keep the privilege of being able to log in as cop. It's there for the people that want to have fun with A2 occasionally. I don't see much else happening when it comes to A3, as we've seen people will get just bored and leave without providing any (reasonable) solutions. Unless we get enough people who are committed to playing here while providing solid suggestions on what map and features need to be developed. If that were to happen then we'd be able to do something.
  12. TheGamingChief

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    Damn, someone posting a logical thought instead of "change the starting money from 25k to 10 mil herpy derp".
  13. TheGamingChief

    Rules Change Log

    April 16th, 2019 Added: PD Protocol link to the protocol rule.
  14. TheGamingChief

    OurLifeRPG Official IL Server Change Log

    Our Life RPG 04/12/2019 (Forgot to post this when I pushed the update, plz don't shoot me) Fixed: Stats not saving automatically when the player is killed. Fixed: Tow trucks being able to tow air vehicles. Developers Involved: TheGamingChief
  15. TheGamingChief

    A2 Division Lead Applications

    TeamSpeak if available, then website PM, and if absolutely necessary email. More than likely just the lead and an assistant lead if absolutely necessary.

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