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  1. TheGamingChief

    Rules Change Log

    April 16th, 2019 Added: PD Protocol link to the protocol rule.
  2. TheGamingChief

    OurLifeRPG Official IL Server Change Log

    Our Life RPG 04/12/2019 (Forgot to post this when I pushed the update, plz don't shoot me) Fixed: Stats not saving automatically when the player is killed. Fixed: Tow trucks being able to tow air vehicles. Developers Involved: TheGamingChief
  3. TheGamingChief

    A2 Division Lead Applications

    TeamSpeak if available, then website PM, and if absolutely necessary email. More than likely just the lead and an assistant lead if absolutely necessary.
  4. TheGamingChief

    Sam Ruby | 08/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Sorry about the wait, I was looking into your history on our servers. 1. This appeal is a copy paste of your old one, you didn't even change a single word. Why should we expect you to have changed if you won't even go through the effort of writing an actual appeal? 2. Your history on our servers shows that it would not be in our best interest to allow back into the community. 3. You've said it several times in other instances of you being in trouble, saying how you've changed and won't be cancer anymore. From your actions, it's clear that this is not the case. Appeal Denied
  5. TheGamingChief

    A2 Division Lead Applications

    Hello Everyone, Quick post before I head off to my next class of the day. Division lead applications are now open! We are looking for a K-9 lead, an aviation lead, and a SWAT lead. You can submit your application here . Please keep in mind these roles do require some time commitment, not a lot, but some. Division leads will be expected to hold tryouts and trainings for their division. Along helping create a division protocol and disciplining and removing those who break that protocol. That's about it, if you have any questions about this feel free to drop them below. Stay tuned and expect more details about the PD criminal code and PD handbook very very soon!
  6. TheGamingChief

    Sam Ruby | 08/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Hello @Sam Ruby, I'm reviewing your appeal and I'll update you in the next 48 hours. Thanks!
  7. TheGamingChief


    Contact me via PM.
  8. TheGamingChief


    That's kinda how certifications work. There would be someone who trains them, and then does a test/tryout and decides if they did well enough to be certified in that division.
  9. TheGamingChief


    As I stated in the ArmA 2 plan of action thread (linked below), divisions such as K-9 and Aviation are more than likely going to become certification based. This means there would be one or two people that we trust in charge of training people and making sure they are not complete retards before giving them certification for that division, once they have that certification, they will get whitelisted. At this point, we just need someone who is willing to do the job, if anyone is interested feel free to PM me.
  10. TheGamingChief

    A shit EMS Suggestion(s)

    @Ben Dover I'm out of town for the weekend, but come find me sometime during this next week and we can at least talk about this idea. I definitely agree that EMS aviation takes too long to get. But we need to limit who has access to some resources like the Jayhawk. I was considering breaking the EMS aviation box into two boxes, one with simple stuff with lower required playtime, and then another box with the Jayhawk and others helis with the larger required playtime.
  11. TheGamingChief

    Teamspeak not working

    @Mike1300 were you able to get the issue solved? Using any of the methods listed in the above post should work fine, let us know if you are still having issues!
  12. TheGamingChief

    OurLifeRPG Official Trello Boards

    In order to maintain better communication with the community and to provide more oversight on upcoming changes, several Trello pages have been made public that shows current and completed projects. Community members can also make suggestions on the forums by linking a certain card they have found from one of our Trello boards and provide input on the topic being discussed. Otherwise please continue to make your suggestions on the forums in the appropriate location. ArmA 2 Trello ArmA 3 Trello If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to contact me via forum PM. Thanks!
  13. There are several ways to join the OurLifeRPG TeamSpeak 3 server. You can connect by typing any of the following into the "Server Nickname or Address" field on the connect tab. OurLifeRPG Our Life RPG OLRPG TS.OurLifeRPG.Net If you experience trouble connecting to our TeamSpeak 3 server feel free to message me or another member of staff via forum PM and we'll do our best to assist you!
  14. TheGamingChief

    RoyalSyndicate | 04/04/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Pending, another member of senior staff will review this ban and get back to you.
  15. TheGamingChief

    ArmA 2 Plan Of Action

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick thread today to quickly explain what is going on with the ArmA 2 server, for anyone new or older returning members. Recently the ArmA 2 Island Life server has been re-released, this time it's a bit different. There is no command structure for PD or EMS. Whitelist is determined based on your playtime on each side, there is a chart showing the ranks and the required playtime to achieve them below. PD: Rookie Patrol Officer - 30 Minutes Patrol Officer - 2 Hours Senior Patrol Officer - 6 Hours Corporal - 8 Hours Sergeant - 10 Hours PD Divisions: Note: Divisions are subject to change, it's very possible that in the near future we will select division leaders and make divisions certifications. This means you will have to pass some sort of test to get whitelisted for divisions. These will not require any sort of commit to submitting time logs. K9 - 12 Hours SWAT - Will remain hidden until someone achieves the required playtime. EMS: EMT 1 - 30 Minutes EMT 2 - 2 Hours EMT 3 - 6 Hours EMT Supervisor - 8 Hours EMT Lieutenant - 10 Hours EMS Divisions: Note: Divisions are subject to change, it's very possible that in the near future we will select division leaders and make divisions certifications. This means you will have to pass some sort of test to get whitelisted for divisions. These will not require any sort of commit to submitting time logs. Aviation - Will remain hidden until someone achieves the required playtime. The reason we choose to do this is that let's face it, ArmA 2 is an older game and people like to just pop in and shoot some people. Having no rank structure makes it easier for people to come and play without having to commit to meet the required hours for PD, EMS, and other divisions. This system allows ArmA 2 to run itself, for the most part, of course, there are still rules and currently any PD or EMS protocol violations are handled by staff just like rule violations are. If for some reason staff is unavailable or unable to solve a certain issue via TeamSpeak then there is a section for player complaints on the forums, these complaints are handled by senior staff. This new setup allows ArmA 2 to run indefinitely, we will not take the ArmA 2 server down, even if no one is playing on it, it will remain online for those who wish to hop on and have some fun. Speaking of the forums, the forums have been updated to reflect the new changes. ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 have their own sub-forums when required, this will help keep everything organized as we have more than one server running at once. This means server information, general discussion, media, suggestions, bug reports, and server event suggestions all have their own version for ArmA 2 and ArmA 3. Speaking of suggestions and bug reports, in the long run, ArmA 2 will have most bugs that are reported fixed within a reasonable timeframe depending on the severity and the impact it causes on the server. Suggestions will most definitely be considered and some feature changes will be implemented, more information on any planned changes will appear on our official Trello page, along with a rough timeline. If anyone has any questions about how this re-release of the ArmA 2 server works, feel free to send me a PM on the forums. Thanks! P.S. I've included a few threads you guys might find useful below

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