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  1. TheGamingChief

    Medical Custody Discussion

    Hello everyone, As we've been working on getting ArmA 3 ready for release and we were working on the rules, Medical Custody appeared in the discussion. When the ArmA 3 server was up there was this rule about Medical Custody you can read that here at section 7.3. The basic idea was that EMS could evaluate you to see if you were okay or not. In the event, you had major injuries EMS could take you into their "custody" to ensure you were treated. However, with this rule came some issues with the rule being used incorrectly, and overall bad interactions with EMS were being reported from Civilians and Police. We want YOUR input on whether this rule should be a thing or not. If you think this should be a thing please provide a way to word to rule to minimize these bad interactions that were being reported. The EMS Chief @Derek Graham had a few notes on the subject can be read on the Trello card right here. Oh and don't forget we have a public Trello linked here, this means community members can keep up with what we're doing and help provide feedback. We look forward to hearing feedback from everyone. Thanks!
  2. TheGamingChief

    So whats up?

    And to answer your question @Amanuel we're in the middle of switching to ArmA 3. You can find out more by watching the video of the recent community meeting.
  3. TheGamingChief

    So whats up?

    Honestly please leave, if all you're going to do is bitch do us all a favor and leave.
  4. TheGamingChief

    OurLifeRpg Future

    I mean I used to like Lewis, even played with him a few times. But he decided to act like a 12-year-old to please his audience. Lewis turned into a guy who was actually cool and good at roleplay to someone who just RDMed and killed as many people in the most, not okay ways. This happened because server administrations allowed him too and the community's themselves grew to promote such behavior. Maybe 3 or 4 years ago, but not now lol
  5. TheGamingChief

    I really hope this never happens again...

    I'm going to lock this thread before it can get any more aids. Just going to lay down some notes real fast, hopefully, those who can actually use their brain read this since it will show how full of shit you are. 1. The vote was there to get an idea what people wanted, it was never to be a whatever wins happens vote, it was simply to get a feel for what people felt. 2. From what I saw you weren't at the community meeting, during this time we took the time to explain our thoughts and reasoning for wanting Kelley's Island, and from what I've seen that changed a lot of peoples minds. Being able to sit down and explain the issues and being able to communicate back and forth with community members was an important part of the meeting, that's why it happened in the first place. For anyone who couldn't make it I highly recommend you watch the video back. 3. @Marty Hartyou and @Justin Nolanare the ones causing the drama here, and you've been doing it for a long time. It's pretty bad if the community leader says how full of shit you guys are and even suggests you are removed from the community for the community's own good. If you don't like it leave, go to a different community it would cause less drama, but then again you'll be back in a few months once that community dies, and you'll be starting drama here again. That's really all I have to say about your original post. 1. The vote was to get people's opinion, once you factor out fake accounts it was somewhere around 50/50. 2. At no point did we say that vote would be the end result, just was looking to get an idea on what people thought. We can't please everyone, no matter what happens someone will be upset. 3. Going back to A2 was just a temporary thing, go back and read @CP3088's post on it. We figured out the major kinks with A3 and are moving back to it. 4. Yeah, you really can't bitch since you know nothing on how it works, how about to go and watch the video of the community meeting (assuming you weren't there) since we cover that. 5. New content will come, again this was discussed in the community meeting. Again, go back and watch the community meeting video since you weren't there when we discussed it. Also please fuck off saying the vote was rigged, people created fake accounts just to vote for Cicada. It really shows how sad some people are.
  6. TheGamingChief

    OurLifeRpg Future

    What he said
  7. TheGamingChief

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

    If you missed the community meeting you can watch it back on YouTube, timestamps are in the comments.
  8. TheGamingChief

    Community Meeting | 11/10/2018

  9. Just wanted to clear this up. Keep everything the same was referring to ranks and stuff like that. The map is up in the air and that's why there is a vote for it. I still don't understand why people want Cicada on ArmA 3, it's buggy, requires CUP, leaves no room for map customization by us, no room to have housing (something that has been suggested so many times but isn't possible on Cicada), and just looks weird when you add A2 buildings. Cicada just wasn't made for A3. One thing I don't understand that some people are saying is that if we used Kelley's Island there would be no work involved, and we're just lazy. This is not true, Kelley's Island is better suited for an RP server for the following reasons, more space but not too much space, room for housing, a bunch of options for map customizations, ETC. Some people seem to think we would use vanilla Kelley's Island, which is not true considering the mass customizations we did on the map before. This has really turned into a Kelley's Island rant... [/Rant]
  10. Hello Everyone! Just dropping in real fast to let everyone know we will be doing a community meeting this Saturday at 3 PM EST. During this meeting, we'll be covering the recent events and listening to community feedback first hand. The meeting will be in one of the public lounges on TeamSpeak, so don't forget to show up as we'll be getting started at 3 PM EST on Saturday! If you guys have any questions feel free to drop this on this thread and we'll try to get back to you! OurLifeRPG Senior Staff Team
  11. TheGamingChief

    The most vitally needed car in ourlife arma 3

    The real question is, what map did you test these cars on?
  12. Just gonna post this here...
  13. TheGamingChief

    Since we MIGHT be going back to arma 3

    Few thoughts here 1. If you guys vote for Cicada, I would recommend you take a look at it beforehand. Cicada on ArmA 3 is kinda trash, and we will be having the same issues that we had on ArmA 2. One of the major suggestions that couldn't be done was housing, that still won't be possible on A3 Cicada due to the environment. Don't forget we will have to build the map from scratch, there is nothing already in place, we will have to delete every single useless A2 building and place new buildings, which makes the mission file big. Last time we tried that the mission file was in excess of 10 MB, that's a lot to download when you join a server (not to mention really slow). Just asking that people do some research and to play both maps (if possible) before voting. 2. I feel as I shouldn't have to say this, but any fake accounts used to vote will result in the owner getting a ban on their main account along with the vote not counting. Don't be stupid...
  14. Why do you guys want Cicada, we've been on it for like five years now. Not to mention Cicada is super buggy on ArmA 3, and from what we can see there is no good way to fix it.
  15. What do you meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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