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  1. Michael Vidov

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    It was black mamba actually.
  2. Michael Vidov

    Remove Whitelist on EMS

    tbh I have not been well recently, probably some case of autism or mental health.
  3. I think we should remove the whitelist on EMS so all players can join ems if they want, a downside of this would be the fact that most people don't read ems rules. Removing the Whitelist would increase EMS population which in my opinion is a good thing.
  4. Michael Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    Not really, the Vidov's don't care if we are hated or not; this post was made by me to collect peoples responses which is why venom and Stangl Sabra have the right idea. This post was not made to ask the question as to why the Vidov's are hated.
  5. Michael Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    This post was not posted to ask why we are hated, it was posted to collect the "memeage" that follows and Venom and Stangl Sabra have the right idea.
  6. Michael Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    Cuz we DAB on the haters
  7. Michael Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    I'm waiting for it to start!
  8. Michael Vidov

    Why are the Vidov's hated?

    Why are the Vidov's Hated?
  9. Michael Vidov

    A few Arma 3 Suggestions (Vague Ideas)

    Kelleys Island has been decided, and Kelley's island already has the space for these things, if we went with Cicada There would not be enough room to add features that the staff, devs and players would agree are important in a life server.
  10. 1. Shared housing (Houses that gangs can be and all the gang members gain access too or being able to give someone the ability to unlock, spawn at and spawn their vehicles at but not sell Your house) 1.1. Gang owned houses That all members of a gang can use. 2. Gang owned areas (Areas such as a gang shop that a gang can capture and make revenue and or get exclusive weapons/vehicles at) 3. A gun and vehicle maker similar to Arma 2's (Being able to manufacture sell and spawn certain weapons and vehicles) 4. Gang owned Businesses (Very similar to Suggestion 2., however, consisting of Shops Airports Ports and Casinos that Players and or gangs can put money into And get Interest on the money they put in, the downside being that these can be robbed for the money you put in) Add your suggestions down below.
  11. Michael Vidov


    All money making methods need to be boosted and or all buyable things (excluding houses imo) need to be lowered in price.
  12. Michael Vidov

    The most vitally needed car in ourlife arma 3

    Ok im gonna put my comment here. 1. Fuck that motorcycle, any bike in Arma 3 ends up being stronger than a fucking tank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EOS5PE42gA 2. everything else looks fine tbh
  13. I have always considered Ourlife an Arcade-RPG where you don't have to spend A lot of time to grind to get a nice car or a truck, I would love if the Arma 3 server was more like the arcadey Arma 2 server in that regard.
  14. Michael Vidov

    Can be locked and moved, Dead topic

    Here i am trying to get some reactions so my account rep goes up and i get none ;/ <:)
  15. Michael Vidov

    Can be locked and moved, Dead topic

    Might I suggest you get Grammarly, here is an ad showing its abilities!:

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