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  1. Michael Vidov

    Transferring money issue

    Wire transfer or giving in cash?
  2. Michael Vidov

    Rule Suggestions

    I mean tbh I wasn't talking about you.
  3. Michael Vidov

    Michael Vidov | 09/02/2019 | Ban Appeal

    Is this still under review?
  4. Michael Vidov


    -1 very unrealistic and just lazy tbh.
  5. Michael Vidov

    Rule Suggestions

    On A2 we could buy RPGS, DMRS and mk20s however on arma 3 we can't buy any interesting guns with the exception being to buy them from cops.
  6. Michael Vidov

    Rule Suggestions

    To be honest im more worried about the double standard that has come because of this, eg high ranking cops (lieutenants, captains etc selling {SOME EVEN GIVING AWAY FOR FREE}) and getting away with it due to their rank or staff positions yet the small guys get cop side banned for giving 1 keycard.
  7. Michael Vidov

    Rule Suggestions

    Any reason why? At the moment people have been using logs as a reasonable ground to ban gun sellers, keycard givers and this completely removes any roleplay that could happen being corrupt.
  8. Michael Vidov

    Rule Suggestions

    The current rule on pd corruption needs to be changed so that buying guns from cops only counts as normal corruption instead of major corruption, this stops cops using logs as reasonable grounds for a cop side ban. (require footage for corruption in the form of go pro footage except major corruption)
  9. Michael Vidov


    More like 30% of olrpgs player base are users younger than 15 (or just squeaky like jerrod was)
  10. I don't play enough arma to know that.
  11. Michael Vidov


    So for example: "stop following us or you will be killed" will be changed to "stop following us or all of my gang will kill u"? I don't think this will work and it also removes the element of surprise that comes from your gang setting up somewhere getting ready to ambush the pursuers.
  12. Perhaps, I know one of the rangefinders has thermal vision which should never be added.
  13. Michael Vidov


    I thought when you initiate, you initiate for everyone in your gang. I don't think changing this will work well especially in arma 3.
  14. Michael Vidov

    A rebrand??

  15. Suggestion: Add Binoculars and or rangefinders to rifle shop and pistol shop. Why: We can zoom into things that are further away and they are very useful over 1k meters. Media:

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