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  1. Michael Vidov

    R.I.P OurLifeRPG 2015 - 2019

    Failed math class?
  2. Michael Vidov


    you should go off the hours listed on the battlemetrics since they are highly accurate.
  3. Michael Vidov

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    Incorrect; in fact, I have more hours in Arma 2 than you do Jerrod so STFU, Im even featured in one of your unban appeals. https://gyazo.com/31f35c49895b86138bc540ec81d14106
  4. Michael Vidov

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    tbh i got banned for having too much good shit
  5. Michael Vidov

    Making It Work - Submit Suggestions

    OLRPG takistan life will just fall short and TLX will take the head place, i don't see OLRPG arma 2 working out anymore either sadly
  6. I had 1 sert shield and like 20 sert shield pistols because they a fucking 1 shot to everything (almost) and mine were all obtained from sert members, not spawned in.
  7. Maybe if Garry didn't spawn hundreds (Literally) of guns in to give to YTS, I would +1
  8. Well I mean I know that, garry perm banned me on a whim no questions asked. Garry already has all the power of senior admin If not a lot more.
  9. Helper, mod, admin, dev, senior admin, head dev, head admin, owner (that RIGHT?)
  10. Can someone in staff move my vote on poll from no to yes please <3
  11. -1 for the fact he banned me (OTHER THAN THAT +1 OVERALL)
  12. Michael Vidov

    Question to form suggestions.

    sorry tired af asking what civs can do without interacting with cops and ems and what you guys think should be added in this regard.
  13. Michael Vidov

    Question to form suggestions.

    Question: If cops and ems did not exist in olrpg, what activities can civs still do and what activities would you like to be added for civs only to do in this situation? ANSWER BELOW PLEASE
  14. Michael Vidov

    What's the plan?

    At the moment there is no reason to play, it just isn't fun. There are not enough reasons for civs to interact with other civs, this made it so player interaction between civs and other civs is minimum at best; instead, the main interaction is between cops and civs which is not overly enjoyable and gets old quickly, Civs need something to do that doesn't involve shooting up some cops or robbing some stores to get some interaction, whether this be a civ vs civ gang area, civ run businesses, Governor and guards, assassination mission involving NPCs and police escorts (like Arma 2), random events or just a bounty system. Passive activities like a go-kart track and jobs will help to overcome this lack of fun and enjoyable activities. The way I see it is: if we remove cops and ems, what activities can the civs actually still do? Answer: Not a lot.
  15. What is this weeb profile image, ya weeb.


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