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  1. only if you promise to take care of your kid and your baby mama
  2. Luffy San

    So whats up?

    @Amanuel Like I said, I try to stay optimistic lol.
  3. Luffy San

    So whats up?

    Since you've been gone: - The Arma 3 server failed to amount to anything unfortunately as a result of many different things. - We reverted back to Arma 2, which should be our primary focus because that's what we know best. - We are now attempting to move back to Arma 3, and there's no indication that the outcome this time will be any different than the first time. - Having an opinion that doesn't fall in line with senior staff can potentially get you removed from the community, or so some would claim. Straight and narrow on the line to failure basically, I try to be optimistic, but it's pretty difficult.
  4. Luffy San

    We need to do something.

    sup dawg
  5. Luffy San

    We need to do something.

  6. Luffy San

    We need to do something.

    just gonna casually walk by this topic as a whole.... +1 deez nuts all of you fucking fight me on runescape
  7. Luffy San

    I nEeD hElP wiTh tEaMsPeAk

    try deleting your system32 folder, that may help
  8. Luffy San

    Ford Explorer

    Arma 3 cars are meant for Arma 3. Don't get it twisted home slice.
  9. a legend died today. rest in peace.


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