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  1. What is this weeb profile image, ya weeb.

  2. Brad Williams

    A rebrand??

    Thought so Thank you so very much!
  3. Brad Williams

    When someone joins the server...

    ...And you're blaring music and so you scramble like crazy to turn the shit down so you can hear the person if you were to ever interact with them. Is it just me?
  4. Brad Williams

    A rebrand??

    How dare you?!
  5. Brad Williams

    A rebrand??

    Fun Fact: the reason there were so many Vidovs was because collectively they get the intelligence of one normal human.
  6. Brad Williams


    Unless you're lucky like a few of us and have an engine in impound or storage.
  7. Brad Williams

    Arma 2 EMS in a nutshell

    Ah, what good times they were. Or that they are now. Who knows. Could be either now or before. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Brad Williams


    EMS is in a very...interesting position, with no whitelisting and one command staff--Isaac. Whether you can join EMS or not is not something I'm completely sure of, but what I can say is that there technically isn't even an FD. That being said, nothing is stopping you from hopping on and trying. Just as long as you actually play EMS properly.
  9. Brad Williams

    OurLifeRPG Tos is the exact same as this websites Tos

    I feel like a bunch of people are just waiting for the update and/or the change in the life system. I think those two things are the reason why people aren't so active as of late.
  10. Brad Williams

    OLRPG FD In a nut shell

    Super Explosive Tanker Roundhouse Kick!
  11. Brad Williams

    OLRPG FD In a nut shell

    And this is why it costs $750,000 for that damn tanker...
  12. Brad Williams

    Welcome to OLRPG Fire & EMS!

    Welp, they discovered one of my secret abilities...
  13. Brad Williams

    EMS Heli Spawn Glitched

    @TheGamingChief Well, I now have video evidence that the Jayhawk still pings off and explodes when you try taking off in it. Here it is.
  14. Brad Williams

    PD being special like usual...

    I'm not even surprised anymore.
  15. Brad Williams

    EMS Heli Spawn Glitched

    It seems to be a hit and miss. Last night it spawned damaged, but this morning it spawned fine. I guess I'll just need to inform the EMS to have a spare repair kit just in case.

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