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  1. Jimmy Smith

    Dealer checks for SO

    Yeah, just doesn't make since to add it when there is only 1 area ya know.
  2. Jimmy Smith

    Dealer checks for SO

    Adding another area to process is needed.
  3. Jimmy Smith

    Dealer checks for SO

    Unlike arma 2 where there were many gang areas to process, there is only 1 now. This makes it easier for CID to stakeout the area and see anybody processing drugs. If there were more than 1 area to process drugs I could see a reason for this, but I dont.
  4. Jimmy Smith

    Dealer checks for SO

    -1 Its already easy enough to catch people doing drugs. There is only one place to process the normal drugs and its usually obvious if you are doing them or not. This would make it nearly impossible for civs to actually do drugs with cops on. Even now civs dont do drugs with cops on because its already a high risk, this wouldn't help that at all.
  5. Please be sure to follow all requirements listed in this thread. When submitting a request be sure to use the below template and fill out each section to it's fullest extent, failing to due so will result in a denial of your request. Names of those involved: Jimmy Beetle Date of Incident (EST): 2/2/2019 Item(s) Lost: Mercedes S65 Explain the situation causing the loss: Well i went into meth dealer, tapped a rock and boom, straight into the sky like a fireball. Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1JgUCUtdMQ&feature=youtu.be&list=UUjALlVpLgo9MI2897nYYwXg&t=290
  6. Jimmy Smith

    Debit Cards

    this is sad
  7. Jimmy Smith

    IA or CID?

    Then go IA.
  8. Jimmy Smith

    IA or CID?

    Why dont you just apply for both of them, your not really guaranteed to get into them. idk why im responding i honestly could care less about this im just bored.
  9. Jimmy Smith

    Bail Prices

    Suggestion: Lower bail prices. Why: Its not easy making money and 25k for 5 minutes is pretty unreasonable. Most people don't go to jail for only 10 or 15 minutes, its usually a good 25/30 minutes jail sentence. Sure its jail and it should be expensive but I think that 25k is a bit too expensive. (And the bail price should lower as time goes down, but it doesnt) Media: Download:
  10. Jimmy Smith

    Cocaine Dealer

    +1, called corruption.
  11. Jimmy Smith

    Cars Despawn After Restart

    Bug: If you don't save vehicles your car will just delete. Description: If you dont save your car before the restart happens it will just get deleted and not go into the impound lot. (Could be what you wanted but not sure) Media: N/A (Pictures & Videos)
  12. Jimmy Smith

    Quick Update + Need Suggestions

    Yeah don't know why i'm on this topic but since I am here some random thought came to me. From what Arma 2 was like people seemed interested in Department of Transportation type roleplay, maybe there would be a way to implement a civilian job for DOT type work. Just a thought ya know.
  13. Jimmy Smith

    Arma 3 roleplay suggestions?

    I think you should just play the game

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