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  1. Sasha

    Police Computer Functions

    As far as i'm concerned this is only when checking licenses using the windows key menu.
  2. Sasha

    Vests (Gang)

    I feel if we just changed the rules to very clearly state "to be considered in a gang or to have affiliation with another player, all players involved must be wearing the same uniform & vest." Very rarely are players wearing both the same uniform and vest, but just to stamp out any coincidences that may lead to this situation we should: spread out clothing/vest shops more importantly have more options at terror for clothing/vests (currently there is no terror clothing) because that is where most gang will be getting outfitted. Only the uniform and vest would have to be the same, then players can have variation with glasses/hats/backpacks.
  3. Sasha

    IA Tahoe

    Looks like the texture directory is wrong, hidden selections issue.
  4. Sasha

    Remove GoPro Rule

    Sounds like you just don't want to be held accountable, there are millions of ways to be corrupt without the go pro rule. Just don't be bad at it
  5. Sasha

    Keycards removal or modification

    Corrections makes a lot more sense on Arma 3 than on Arma 2, but im guessing they'd have to add a good chunk of stuff to/for DOC before thinking of adding corrections. EDIT: Not a meme.
  6. Sasha

    Keycards removal or modification

    Civs can take keycards from dead cops. EDIT: Have had this happen on several occasions.
  7. Sasha

    Gag option for PD

    That's what you think until three 12 year olds are screaming into their mics because they are upset that they are detained.
  8. Sasha

    Gag option for PD

    Devs are already aware of this and are working on it. Check the trello
  9. Sasha

    Major Crime Rule Change Suggestion

    We don't have OP vests, no idea where you're getting that from. I wouldn't say SD currently is more powerful than civ that it's an issue. You guys have plenty of different ways to make really quick money and have quite an array of weapons to your disposal, including LEGAL rifles. Deputies rely on paychecks, and it's not like our guns or equipment is cheap at all.
  10. Sasha

    Major Crime Rule Change Suggestion

    Agreed. I think it should just be casino and banks that cannot be robbed at the same time.
  11. phhhaaaat +1 just made a rule suggestion along the same lines as this.
  12. Sasha

    Crime Scence Tape

    +1 It would be awesome to have the checkpoint builder back.
  13. Rule Number: 4.22 Robbing Bank and Hostage Taking What part of the rule should be changed and why?: Add: There is to only be one major robbery (casino & both banks) active at a time, you are not allowed to start a major robbery if one is still active. Why: Having two major robberies going on the same time is just way too much to handle for SD, we had to deal with this same situation today (both casino and north union bank were being robbed). We had most of our department dead, tons of panics going off. Wording Example: Only 1 Major Robbery (casino/north/south bank) may be active at a time. You are not allowed to start a robbery at casino or bank if another Major Robbery is currently active.

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