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  1. Todd Knight

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Stangl that's only because staff don't care they except people to get on without any work on their side. If someone took an hour of their life to make a little event then I could guarantee at least a small player base
  2. Todd Knight

    Bring OurLifeRPG Arma 3 Back to Life

    Arma 3 for me was horrendous. Barely got over 15 fps on the olrpg arma 3 server while every other life server runs at least 35 - 60 fps. Bring back arma 2
  3. Todd Knight


    Damn, I am ranked second on playtime coming in 3 hours behind vodka. I spent way to much time on that first week the server was up haha 89 hours.
  4. Todd Knight


    Is this because I executed you for cop baiting and ear-raping while an active shootout was going on? If so +1
  5. Todd Knight


    @TheGamingChief I wouldn't mind helping out in training people. I have a lot of experience training people in aviation.
  6. Todd Knight

    Training server

    A few people and I were wondering if the PD training server will ever be back up and open like it used to be?
  7. Todd Knight


    What about when you crashed the swat heli into the swat base
  8. Todd Knight


  9. Todd Knight

    Making It Work Part 2 - A Vote

    I would have played Arma 2 when it was up again a few weeks ago if I knew about it. I feel like the servers aren't being advertised by anyone anymore. I visit the forums every so often but there is no clear indication whether or not there are any servers up, its IP and how many people are on it.
  10. Todd Knight

    VPNs allowed?

    Yup, it is banned, thanks anyway.
  11. Todd Knight

    VPNs allowed?

    I mean ban evasion is obviously a no-no, I only have one steam account and I could give the admins my real IP if that would be necessary. I guess I will see if my VPN is banned or not.
  12. Todd Knight

    VPNs allowed?

    I just wanted to ask if using a VPN while accessing the server and Teamspeak because I am a regular 24/7 user of VPNs.
  13. Todd Knight


    I know I haven't been around for you in recent times, Jake, but the great times we had were awesome and I wish you good luck on any of your future endeavours. I am sure you were a great aviation CO based of how awesome you were as an aviation supervisor . Goodbye old friend, I wish you well. Your old friend Todd Murphy.
  14. Todd Knight

    I'm a god


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